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About the free Scorch plugin

Why do you need it?
To view, play, print and transpose certain digital sheet music titles at Musicnotes.com, you'll need to get the free Sibelius Scorch Internet browser plug-in.

What are the benefits?
Digital sheet music allows for free previews and instant download and printout of nearly 25,000 digital sheet music and guitar tab titles.
After purchasing any digital title you will instantly receive a printout of the full piece, with no additional delivery fee, and your music is always guaranteed "In Stock".

Detailed Installation Instructions

You will have to Quit and restart your browser, for it to recognize Sibelius Scorch.

To begin installation of Sibelius Scorch, please click on the link below to download the Scorch installer.

If your download hasn't already started, click here to download Sibelius Scorch

How to Start Installation

Once downloaded, the installer file (Musicnotes Suite.mpkg) should automatically open in a window (possibly behind this one).

To begin installation, quit your browser (Command-Q) and double-click on Musicnotes Suite.mpkg.

The suite installer will take care of the rest.

If you require more detailed instructions, continue reading below before quitting your browser.

If the disk image does not automatically open, find the file in your browser's Download Manager, or in your Downloads folder, or on your Desktop, and double click it to mount the disk image.


Double-click the package icon. The Scorch installer will take care of the rest


Step 3 - Install Sibelius Scorch Software

Click the "Continue" button on the "Welcome to the Scorch Setup Wizard" screen.


Read the License Agreement. If you agree choose the "I Agree" option.


Select the default options on the following windows that appear during installation and press "Next" or "Install" until installation is complete.

Close and Quit your browser before trying to get your music.

Once you've successfully completed installation of the Scorch software, it's time to start playing your music!

For your peace of mind, all of our Musicnotes software is spyware and adware free.