Search Update Coming Soon

It’s been just about a month now since Musicnotes launched our new search system.  In the time since we’ve been busy taking in customer and employee feedback to gather a list of additional upgrades we can make to improve the searching function of the Musicnotes site.

Within the next week or so we expect to be launching our first major update to our search functionality.  Most of this will be unnoticed by our customers, as these changes are all designed to make finding the sheet music you’re looking for even easier still. 

One change you possibly will notice, however, will be that "Piano" and "Guitar" will now be easily accessible as instrument options in the left-hand "Narrow Results By" area.  As you may have noticed, Guitar and Piano are the most popular instruments on our site – and soon you’ll be able to more easily narrow directly to either of these instruments than currently possible.

Thanks to everyone who sent us their feedback on the search system.  After the next upgrade in search we plan to continue making changes and fixes to help you all find your music easier – so feel free to comment on this blog with any additional suggestions you might have.

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