Search Update Completed

FYI: The Search Update that was "coming soon" is now complete and live on our site.  Mostly you won’t notice many changes to our search system, as most of the changes take place either behind the scenes or are simple upgrades to the "old" search.

Two things you may notice, however, are 1.) the addition of "piano" and "guitar" as easily accessible instruments in the left-hand "narrow results by" column (when you search for something that is available in those instruments), 2.) more digital sheet music results displayed by default.

Both of these updates (plus many of the ones not listed here) were results of feedback we received from our visitors.  We’ve got quite a few more ideas in place to help make searching even easier, but this new update should significantly help you find your sheet music easier than ever.

If you have any suggestions for additional search features or changes, please let us know.

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