Four Reasons to Fill Out your Customer Profile and Preferences

Whether you’ve purchased sheet music with us before or not, there’s an area on where you can create a customer profile. I’d like to talk about the benefits of using the customer profile page today and will show you how to fill it out later this week.

  • Write Reviews – Your customer profile, once public, enables you to write reviews of sheet music that you’ve purchased from us. The reason why we ask that you fill out your public profile when writing reviews is to provide our musical community with a "scale" of your musical experience. For example, if you review Claire de Lune by Debussy and give it a difficulty rating of one star, your profile allows other customers to judge how relevant your rating is to them. A review from a teacher, expert pianist or a beginning student might rate the same piece of music differently. This way, a beginning piano player will be able to quickly assess if that sheet music is perfect for their level of expertise.
  • Read a More Personalized Newsletter – Once you fill out your preferences, you will receive a more personalized newsletter that features the sheet music you’re interested in. Whether you enjoy Christian music, songs from Metallica or theme music from Spamalot, we offer weekly newsletters that speak to the music in your heart.
  • Find Exclusive New Sheet Music Releases – We have almost
    90,000 digital sheet music downloads available and over 220,000 sheet
    music books in our growing inventory. You may recall that our sheet music ranges from new releases like Faith Hill’s A Baby Changes Everything to classical music selections like Rachmaninoff’s Excerpts from Piano Concerto No. 3 Opus 30, which was featured in the movie Shine. With
    our ever-expanding inventory, we take your musical preferences
    seriously to ensure that we’re on the cutting-edge of new sheet music
    releases and new Musicnotes Editions arrangements. The reason why many of our selections are exclusive to is because of you — we look for the music you want to play and take your recommendations seriously.
  • Get a $5 Off Coupon for Filling out your Preferences – If you haven’t done so already, by filling out your customer profile and preferences you’ll get a $5 Coupon to use for your next purchase. All you need to do is fill out your customer profile in the way that you’re most comfortable with to get the offer. You do not need to opt in for a public profile or sign-up for the newsletter to get the coupon. To get an idea of a partial public profile, here’s a link to my customer profile. You’ll see that there were areas I chose to make private.

I’d also like to point out our privacy policy again, because privacy is important to all of us here. In addition to our privacy policy, if you would like a more generic public profile page, you can create a screen name when you create your profile that doesn’t reflect your name if you wish. Also, you have the option of changing the information in your profile at any time.

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  1. …i must admit…I am lacking on my profile information. Tomorrow during my “working” hours, I will correct this!

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