How to Upload your Video for our YouPerform Contest

We have some wonderful customers! We’ve already had questions regarding the YouPerform contest over the weekend. I’d like to take a few minutes and show you how to upload your videos to YouTube! and how to ensure that your video will be part of the contest group. Instructions are broken out into two pieces; please skip to the second part if you already have a YouTube! account.

How to Upload a Video to YouTube!

STEP ONE: Create a YouTube! Account – You will not be able to upload your videos without one.

STEP TWO: Click on “Upload your video” (Step One of Two) – Step One allows you to name and describe your video. For the contest, you’ll want to ensure that the title of the song is in your video; we’ll leave the description and the tags to you. Please ensure that no other settings are changed. The default settings allow others to rate your performance for the contest, and they also allow us to promote your musical performance through our site and this blog.

Here is a screenshot of what the first step looks like. Remember, you can tag and describe this performance how you want to, but the song title allows us to easily reference and approve your video for the contest.

After you’ve completed STEP ONE, click on the Upload your Video button.

STEP THREE: Upload your Video from Your Computer (Step Two of Two) – Step Two is the step where you physically upload your video from your computer to your account.

After your video has been uploaded, you’ll see a message that looks like this:

How to Add your YouTube! Video to’s Contest Group

STEP ONE: Log in – Ensure that you are logged into your YouTube! account.

STEP TWO: Click on Contest Group – Click on MUSICNOTES.COM OCTOBER YOUPERFORM CONTEST. You can also find this group by visiting the YouTube! Channel and clicking on the “Groups” link at the top of the navigation.

STEP THREE: Select “Add your Video” – Click on “Add Video.” This will be a blue text link on the right hand side of the screen next to the contest description.

STEP FOUR: Add your Video – Scroll through your YouTube! videos to find your contest entry from My Videos. Click on the box (see below) and then click on the “add video” option to add the video to our contest group. YouTube! does not provide a confirmation screen when you add your video to the group. We will provide the confirmation for you (see the next step).

STEP FIVE: Email Us – Per the YouPerform contest rules, please email us a link to your video (from your account) with your contact information to musiclovers AT musicnotes DOT com. We will confirm that your video has been received in our group. We mentioned in the rules that we would comment on your video when it’s approved on November 1st, but we may revisit that if you would like faster communication. Please let us know.

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  2. Aydiee-Vaughn

    Could not upload a video, button dd not work.
    Please add me to updated for your website
    info anfd contest, thanks!

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