The Pick: Guitar Guru Sessions Recap

Guitar Guru Sessions LogoWhat do The Beatles, Megadeth and The Cure have in common?

They all have Guitar Guru Sessions on! If you’ve used a Guitar Guru Session before, you probably know how up close and personal you can get with your music. If you haven’t, here’s a brief glimpse of how our technology has reinvented the way you learn how to play guitar.

Using a unique approach removing the need for standard music notation or traditional guitar tablature, Guitar Guru Sessions play the original music and simultaneously show both left and right hand movements on a realistic guitar display.

On the fingerboard, a dot’s color indicates which finger to use. Similarly, whenever a string is struck by a finger on the pick-hand, a colored dot appears over the string in the pick-hand view. On songs best played with a pick, proper pick action is displayed. –SOURCE: Guitar Guru Sessions Overview

We’re getting ready for a big announcement here about Guitar Guru within the next couple of days. But before we do, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite bands we’ve added for Guitar Guru Sessions since we first released this new take on guitar lessons.

My Favorite Bands and Songs on Guitar Guru Sessions

In addition to these bands, we have a slew of other sessions like our Christmas Guitar Guru Sessions in Musicnotes Editions. Check out our growing list of new releases of Guitar Guru Sessions and let us know if you have a song request. We take your sheet music and Guitar Guru Sessions requests seriously, so please feel free to let us know using our Suggest Sheet Music to page.

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