What is a $100 Gift Certificate to Musicnotes.com Worth?

Are you learning October’s free sheet music download for our YouPerform contest? You might have heard that the prize for the Musicnotes.com YouPerform contest is a one-hundred dollar gift certificate to spend on Musicnotes.com. To help put this amount in perspective, here’s a quick breakdown of what that gift certificate can offer you.

    Digital Sheet Music — The average price of our digital sheet music downloads is $4.95. If you spent your entire gift certificate on digital sheet music, you would be able to get approximately 20 songs for free. With almost 90,000 songs to browse through, which 20 would you choose?

    Guitar Guru Sessions — These hands-on, interactive guitar lessons are perfect for any guitarist, no matter what level of musical proficiency you might have. We have over 1,300 Guitar Guru Sessions to choose from, and our average price per song is $6.95. A $100 gift certificate equates to 14 Guitar Guru Sessions, or both Guitar Guru Sessions Giftpacks for your PC with credit to spare!

    Sheet Music Books — From the world class Henle sheet music books to contemporary sheet music favorites from Disney, we offer over 200,000 music books that greatly range in price. For example, the High School Musical Easy Piano Songbook retails for $14.95, the Video Games Live Part 2 Music Book with scoring for bands is $85.00 and the Master for the Young Complete Cello Works By Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn, Mozart for $9.95. You could easily spend the entire gift certificate on anywhere between one to ten sheet music books.

    Digital Sheet Music Club — You might want to consider applying your gift toward our Musicnotes Digital Discount Club. For $14.95 you’ll receive 10% off your purchases for a year and get a sheet music folio (a $7.95 value) that will allow you to organize and protect your sheet music downloads. When you purchase your membership to the Club, your 10% discount will immediately be applied for your entire order. For example, if you purchased the Club Membership at $14.95 and added twelve sheet music downloads (a value of $85.00) then you would receive 10% off of the sheet music you purchased. That’s a savings of $8.50!

Please note that our calculation did not include shipping charges for physical sheet music books or other products that would require shipping. We didn’t estimate shipping because those fees will vary depending upon where you live. Remember, though, that for the digital sheet music downloads or the Guitar Guru Sessions, you do not have to pay any shipping because they go straight from our site to your desktop or laptop.

Hope you’re busy practicing In the Hall of the Mountain King for this month’s contest. Remember, if you have any questions please feel free to post them in the comments and we’ll make sure we cover your question in a future post.

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  1. “What is a $100 Gift Certificate to Musicnotes.com Worth?”…
    My answer, “A LOT”. I think I could have a full years lessons on a $100 Gift Certificate to Musicnotes.com. Now, if someone would give me one.

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