Buy One Get One Guitar Guru Session Free for PC or Mac!

Guitar Guru SessionsThis week is thrilled to offer Guitar Guru Sessions, our hands-on interactive guitar lessons, for the Mac in addition to our PC customers.

In celebration of Guitar Guru’s ability to be used on a Mac or a PC, we’re offering every fan of Guitar Guru an exclusive one-week only coupon. Buy one Guitar Guru Session, get one free!

In addition to explaining the coupon’s terms, I want to take a few minutes and help you understand what this new compatibility means to our new-and-existing Guitar Guru fans with a quick Q & A. Remember, if you have comments or questions to share please let us know. It’s because of you, our loyal customers, that we’re able to offer new enhancements to Guitar Guru to help guitarists learn songs and make music!

What are the Terms for the Buy One Get One Free Guitar Guru Session Coupon?

This coupon is good for $7.50 off any Guitar Guru purchase of $15.00 or more. The average price of our Guitar Guru Sessions is $6.95, which includes the session and a guitar tab for the song.

    Coupon Good only for Guitar Guru Sessions: Here is a full list of our Guitar Guru Sessions on
    Restrictions: Limit one coupon per customer.
    Expiration Date: Offer expires 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time on Saturday October 25th.
    Coupon Code: GGMACPC at checkout.

I’m an existing Guitar Guru user. Do I need to re-download Guitar Guru?

Guitar Guru’s new compatibility with a Mac does not affect PC users, nor does it have any new features for the PC. For a preview of what features Guitar Guru offers for your operating system, click on our What is Guitar Guru? page. You will also be able to download Guitar Guru for free on that page.

Do I have to buy my Guitar Guru Session all over again?

Due to copyright restrictions, your purchased Session should remain with the operating system you bought it on. However, you do not have to re-purchase your Guitar Guru Session when a new version of GG is released. If your computer physically breaks, please contact us and we will help provide you with additional downloads of the music you purchased.

What do I get when I buy a Guitar Guru Session?

Every Guitar Guru Session comes with a printable guitar tab for the specific song you’d like to learn. Each GG Session features animated fingering placement so you can learn at your own pace, more in-depth notations for techniques than a tab (pick, upstroke, downstroke, fingering), ability to loop challenging sections in song to practice difficult areas over again and more!

What are the differences between Guitar Guru on the Mac versus the PC?

There are two differences between the Mac version and the PC version due to the way their operating systems function. Voice command is only available on the PC. On the Mac, whenever you use the adjustable playback feature, your “pitch” always stays the same, so you never have to drop your session an octave when you’re playing it at a different tempo.

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