How to Get More Personalization through with RSS

Last week, we had mentioned four reasons to fill out your customer preferences on, and told you about the coupon we offer if you haven’t filled them out before. Today I’d like to talk to you about another way to get more personalization through our site.

As you know, we upload approximately 200 to 300 new sheet music downloads for songs every week. Our inventory spans period music to contemporary, ranging from classical to country, death metal to Christian rock. With almost 90,000 sheet music downloads, if you have a song you need sheet music for, we probably have it.

To stay in touch with your preferred type of music, you can personalize how you receive updates from right in your RSS feed reader. We offer over twenty RSS feeds specific to several musical styles. These update once or twice a week, and since they are more targeted you’ll be able to get a better, more readable glimpse of what we’ve added to our site.

If you’d like more personalized updates, this is definitely one way to go about it that doesn’t require you to have a newsletter sign-up. Also, don’t be afraid to ask us for your favorite song’s sheet music if you can’t find it by artist or song title. We take your requests seriously.

Here’s a couple of our RSS feeds specific to new, musical styles that you can add to your reader:

To send your sheet music suggestions to us, feel free to use Sheet Music Suggestion Tool. Stay “in tune” for more updates about personalization and ways you can interact more with the music.

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  1. DONE AND DONE. Thanks for looking out for us and making sure that we have the latest updates…

  2. Rob_Riff_Axe

    How about:

    New Classical Sheet Music Releases (for Guitar)

    Where can we find all 20 RSS feeds?

    • Monica

      Hi Rob, did you mean “new releases for guitar”? Or are you only interested in classical?

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