High School Musical 3 Sheet Music Officially Debuts on Musicnotes.com!

High School Musical7.7 million viewers watched Disney’s High School Musical in its premiere broadcast, where we met Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, Ryan and Sharpay for the first time. (1) From songs like Start of Something New to Bop to the Top, Musicnotes.com has been excited to offer you the ability to download sheet music for High School Musical 1.

High School Musical 2In High School Musical 2, we watched as our favorite characters went on summer vacation. We listened to Gabriella break up with Troy in Gotta Go My Own Way and watched them celebrate an end-of-summer pool party in All for One. Musicnotes.com added these songs to our collection of sheet music for High School Musical 2, and announced just yesterday that we were adding sheet music for High School Musical 3: Senior Year to www.musicnotes.com.

Senior YearBilled as the number one movie in America, High School Musical 3: Senior Year is now in a theater near you. Listen to songs like A Night to Remember, Scream and The Boys are Back as your favorite characters trudge through the highs and lows of Senior Year.

There are twenty-two songs in this show-stopping musical, and we invite you to download your favorite song from this selection of sheet music for High School Musical 3 today!

Don’t forget to visit Disney.com for more information about High School Musical 3: Senior Year. On their website, you can download screensavers, listen to songs from High School Musical 3 for free, find out where the musical is playing in a theater near you and more!

Stay “InTune” for more updates about High School Musical sheet music. We’ve just learned today that there might be a fourth installment of the High School Musical series in the works!

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