Here’s the First Contest Entry for the YouPerform Contest!

Last week we had provided you with new YouPerform contest news, where we had mentioned we had yet to receive our first entry. On Monday, we were very excited to receive our first video contest entry for our YouPerform Contest! We invite you to listen to this talented performer play In the Hall of the Mountain King downloaded from our free sheet music page!

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Do you want to win a $100 gift certificate to You have until Friday at midnight to enter the contest by uploading your video to YouTube.

Good luck!

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  1. Awesome contest and post. Nice video that accompanies this post. I wish I had a stronger guitar skill set to enter the contest but for now, I will only watch for the new entries…

  2. Monica

    MJK — I hope that you reconsider. No matter what your skill level is, we encourage musicians of all proficiency to enter. You never know what music fans are going to enjoy!

  3. Great contest. I’m considering sending in my entry for November.

    One question though: does the required piece need to be performed exactly note-for-note? Or is improvisation/creativity allowed? I only ask because I’m a jazz/new-age musician so as much as we love arrangements of all kinds, we still end up putting in our own “flair” in the music we play.

  4. Johnson

    I hate to be a damper on someone’s creative efforts, but I think the idea of this contest is actually someone recording THEIR playing of the piece – not “finger-synching”. If you pay attention, even an uninitiated music person can tell that his fingers are not moving in correct time with the music, and when the melody changes octaves, his right hand does not move up or down the keyboard! Under the rules, it states that:

    “Contest Judging and Fair Use
    (b) reserves the right to disqualify contestants or “void” votes to preserve the integrity of the Contest. Reasons for doing so might include:

    ii. Submitting a performance that the entrant did not perform”

    Unfortunately, I think this needs to be reviewed further to determine whether this is a valid entry.

  5. Amy P

    I’m sorry for the poor guy, but I agree. However, I think he should still get the $100 credit because he was the only entrant. In the future, I think it shouldn’t be accepted.

  6. Because we arranged these songs and they are Musicnotes Editions, you obtain the right to do with it as you wish. You can certainly re-arrange the song and submit your entry in a different, musical style as part of the contest. :)

  7. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and your comments. This music contest is new territory for and we are learning as we go. We will look into that particular rule for November’s contest and will update the blog with more information.

    Thank you for your patience.

  8. We really appreciate your thoughts on this contest. We did receive two, late entries to the YouPerform contest, and we will be posting news about how you can rate their performance today.


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