Vote today! Three Contest Entries, Only One Will Win!

On Friday at midnight, October’s deadline for our first YouPerform contest drew to a close. We were really excited to see that three, brave performers have submitted their musical performances for our first contest. Performing the Musicnotes Editions arrangement of In the Hall of the Mountain King, which was October’s free sheet music download of the month, each performer has a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to!

Contest Rules Update: We have received feedback from you that we needed to ensure our contest performance rules were more explicit. We have now expressly defined a music performance as:

A performance is defined as: the musician playing or singing the song without the aid of an additional soundtrack or music recording using a method called “syncing” or similar means.

Thank you for your feedback and we are happy to address your concerns on this end. We really appreciate your comments!

How to Rate Contest Performances

There are two ways to rate a performer’s video for our contest. The first way would be to login to YouTube! and visit’s YouTube! channel. All three contest entries have been approved for viewing in our October contest group and are now open to the public for rating.

The second way to rate the contest entries, is to watch each video below and rate their performance. We hope that you will participate in our first video contest by rating these contest entries and are encouraged to submit your own entry for November.

October YouPerform Contest Entrants

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  1. robin

    Performer A sounds a little choppy and plays the whole song at the same speed. Performer B is too long and repeats itself over and over again. Performer C shows a little more style

  2. Geman

    I saw the hands of the Performer A and looks like he was pressing the correct keys.

    However, Performer C looks like the music was played in a computer and he mute the piano speaker pretending he was playing with his own hand.

    Performance B played too slow.

  3. Janet

    Artist A looks as though he is enjoying his performance.
    Artist B is playing too slow, and needs improvment, was he reading the music as he was playing?
    Artist C. Was the sound out of time? he looks as though he is not in control or is the computer playing for him.

  4. Johnson

    Artist A does a great job truly playing this piece of work.

    I just can’t get into this particular piece done on the guitar – sorry, but it is a noble attempt.

    Artist C is “finger-synching” – he is definitely not playing this!!

  5. shelly

    The defects in these videos is no different than what happens during a fox news broadcast

  6. linda

    performer A at 50 seconds into his video looks like he SPLICED two separate performances together

  7. Grace

    As he notes on the You Tube site, performer C played the keyboards into a computer to keep the sound clean, which it is. Anyone whose made videos this way would realize that lose of a few video frames occurs unless you have high end proceeses to mesh the video and audio together. Try it.

  8. debra

    based on 196 votes. total weighed votes performer A 636, preformer C 657

  9. Monica

    Hi Debra, per the rules the winner would not be based on the amount of people who voted but decided from a combination of this poll, the YouTube ratings from the public, our internal decision and the quality of the performance.

    Based on our previous experiences with contests, when we created the rules we felt that just basing the content award on the number of votes alone would potentially create challenges with the integrity of the contest.

    Thank you everyone for your comments! You’ve all made this first month’s contest a success!

  10. alex

    Congratulations to performer C.

  11. Monica

    Thanks for your comment, Alex. I’m sorry if I misled our musiclovers today, but we have not yet announced the winner. That will happen very shortly; the head of our team would like to say a few words.


    number three is mein favorite,,,but i ll tell ya….number two was a blast und number one had excitement

    but they all played some wrong notes…and some were fakers

    i wish i hearda real piano..those leyboards dunt do it for me

    but bravo meistros und keep up teh good work. yull get to teh carnegie hall someday..if i know mine onions,

  13. Leona

    first of all, i have never heard this song before so not sure of how it should sound
    First performer i thought was very good, showed enthusian in his playing of the piano
    second performer on the guitar, i thought was horrible, notes very repeatitive
    third performer, did not even look at the piano to see where
    the keys were, looked like the piano was programmed to play this song

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