Celebrate U.S. Election Day and Listen to Free Patriotic Music!

American Flag | Creative Commons | Flickr by Tanya RynoToday is November 4th, Election Day here in the U.S.

No matter which party we Americans decide to vote for today, we will come together as Americans to vote for many offices held throughout our great nation, including the office of the President of the United States. Today is an important day for all of us, and we invite you to listen to these patriotic songs and sing along in tribute to this historic day.

As you listen to this selection of songs we have patriotic sheet music for in today’s special post, why not read more about the history of the U.S. presidential elections? From the people who bring you the History Channel, you can read presidential trivia, take quizzes and read about other memorable elections in The History Channel’s History of U.S. Presidential Elections website. If you have kids at home, the Library of Congress has an interactive site about America’s Library, where you can read fun facts about early Americans and listen to songs from days gone by.

We hope you enjoy listening to this mix of sixteen patriotic songs, including the theme songs for our U.S. military branches. From all of us here at Musicnotes.com, enjoy your day!

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  1. Richard F. LaPine

    What a beautiful way to start the 4th of July … we who have served salute you for making this music possible.

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