Free Music Games to Develop Your Ear for Music and More!

NotesWhat do games like Simon Says or card games like Concentration have in common? If your answer is “music” then you’ve got it right!

Whether you’re new to playing piano or are a proficient classical guitarist, it’s always a good idea to practice and hone your skills. NotesThese browser-based music games feature different challenges from learning music theory to pitch recognition, songwriting and ear training.

For those of you wondering whether or not these music games are for adults or kids, we’ve added a mini-review to each of these websites to help you see whether or not these games are right for you or someone you know.


List of Free Music Games

Morton Sobotnick’s Creating Music Games – This site features three, interactive games that help beginners distinguish musical strains, develop their ability to hear different pitches and recognize rhythms. Blocks and colors are drawn in a cartoon-like style, and would be attractive to kids who want to get into music.
Level of Music Ability: Beginner
Perfect for: Kids, People who are new to Music

Music Tech Teacher’s Music Games – Several dozen music games are featured on this website and range from music quizzes to theory and music “word” games. Designed from an instructional point-of-view, many of these music games help expand a musician’s knowledge to help them read music in addition to honing their practical skills.
Level of Music Ability: Beginner to Advanced
Perfect for: Adults or Kids. Must have good reading comprehension.

Neave Games Simon – Inspired by the original Simon Says, this is a browser-based music game where you have to match the tones played by clicking on the buttons with your mouse. Here’s a larger version of the memory music game that’s easier to use.
Level of Music Ability: Any
Perfect for: Adults or Kids.

Sheppard Software Music Memory Game – This game features a “C” scale where every note corresponds to “Do, Re, Mi” and a color. More advanced than the four-button Simon we described above, this music game gave some of us a real challenge. One of seven notes will play and you repeat their tone by clicking on each note. The game gets very challenging, very quickly!
Level of Music Ability: Advanced Beginner to Professional
Perfect for: Musicians who want to do more “ear training.”

DSO Kids Memory Game
– Based on the old Memory card game from days gone by, this browser-based game has three, different levels of play. The first two levels operate by encouraging you to match two music symbols together. The “advanced” level asks you to match the music symbol with its corresponding written name.
Level of Music Ability: Beginner to Advanced
Perfect for: Musicians learning how to recognize music symbols.

NotesWe hope you’ve enjoyed today’s musical treasure about these free music games. Do you have any you would like to share with us? Post them in the comments below!

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  1. I like game and I love music. I will need to check out these games and find the right one for me. Thanks for the post. I can’t wait to start the learning process…

  2. Ruth Oliech

    I love music I cant wait to begin learning music notes and how to play the piano, can I learn from a distance, please consider

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