Our Story Behind Konstantine by Andrew McMahon from Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin

Every song has a story and this particular song, Konstantine, is very special to all of us here at Musicnotes.com for many reasons. For me, this song represents a thing of beauty for Musicnotes.com because Konstantine represents an unusual endeavor based on our customer requests and the popularity of this song.

While it’s no secret that we here at Musicnotes.com love bringing our customers digital sheet music, this particular piece of sheet music (called a “single sheet” in industry terms) is not just digital. The sheet music for Konstantine is also something we published in print ourselves, in conjunction with the band. Not only did we print the sheet music unbound on archival quality paper, but we were able to design the cover and the sheet music layout which was a rare treat for us.

While this may not sound very glamorous to non-music lovers, it was a very exciting endeavor for us because we really got into all nineteen pages of sheet music for this song ensuring that the arrangement was perfect for a singer and a piano accompaniment. (What we call the “Pro” edition of sheet music.) It might be hard to tell from this image, but the single sheet for Konstantine was printed with a dark, chocolate brown cover and embossed lettering to match the vanilla-colored paper within. Truly a collector’s item, this song represents everything that we love here at Musicnotes.com — wonderful songwriters and devoted music lovers everywhere.

The song Konstantine from Something Corporate has affected us on a creative level, but also on a “music lovers” level as well. Sometimes, our customers point out wonderful music to us that we instantly fall in love with and this is definitely one of those songs. Konstantine is a song that fans of Andrew McMahon’s music still talk about and continue to be inspired by.

When I was researching more of the background on this song, I’ve come across hundreds of comments from fans remarking on different lyrics in the song. It was really amazing to read how fans were so affected by this music, that they discussed not only what the song meant to them, but what it might have meant to singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon.

Although Konstantine has a lot of “low” or “sad” points to it, there is a very touching and remarkable story that came out after this powerful song was released. After Andrew left Something Corporate and joined Jack’s Mannequin, he was diagnosed with a form of cancer.

In the spring of 2005 Andrew McMahon and his band Jack’s Mannequin embarked on their first US headlining tour. Before the tour was completed, McMahon paid a visit to his voice doctor in New York City with a list of health concerns. The following morning the results of his blood work landed him in the hospital where he was soon diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia.–Source: Dear Jack Foundation

Andrew’s experience (and subsequent survival) with cancer inspired him to form the Dear Jack Foundation to fund cancer research. His fans also formed a charity in honor of their favorite singer/songwriter. The name of this fan-created charity organization? 11:11 a.m., which was named after the lyric from Konstantine which says, “I always catch the clock it’s 11:11 a.m.”

We’re happy to see that Andrew McMahon continues to pursue music with the band Jack’s Mannequin and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this powerful song. We invite you to visit the official website of Jack’s Mannequin and read more about this inspiring singer/songwriter.

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  1. Lendon

    Thank you for this. Andrew McMahon is not only a rare and glorious talent, but also a personal hero of mine and an inspiration to us all.

    “Konstantine” is one of McMahon’s greatest works, and I thank you so much, MusicNotes, for tabulating it for the rest of the world to enjoy.

  2. Monica

    Thank you, Lendon for your kind words. :)

  3. Greg

    Thanks from me too! I enjoy all things Andrew McMahon immensely. I’m hoping you will have sheets for the rest of the songs from “The Glass Passenger” (especially Hammers and Strings) up on the site soon! :)

  4. Lendon

    I second that on “Hammers And Strings”! :)

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