Free Music Playlist – UK Bands in Today’s Monday Melodies

Muse. The Verve. Kasabian. For decades, UK bands have influenced and shaped the face of rock-n-roll by giving us songs that surpass any country’s musical borders.

In today’s Monday Melodies free playlist, we’re happy to bring you memorable music from UK bands. Many of these songs incorporate piano, guitar and drums to create more of an acoustic feel to them. Tonight by Hard-Fi, Sunburn by Muse and (of course) many of Coldplay‘s songs are great examples this concept. In Sunburn, for example, the song begins with a series of piano arpeggios, vocals and drums. As the vocalist continues, more and more instruments are added to intensify the effect of the lyrics to create a distinct sound.

Although we’ve featured songs from thirty-five UK bands in this Monday’s free playlist, we have sheet music for a lot more UK bands on than you might think. We hope you enjoy listening to this week’s Monday Melodies playlist as we take you over to the UK for some great tunes. Feel free to chime in and let us know what songs you enjoy.

Have a wonderful Monday, and thanks for listening!

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