Gift Ideas for the Beginner Musician

Have no idea what to get for that beginner musician in your life? Here are some gift ideas that we’d like to share with you for guitar, piano and voice.

The book featured at left is perfect for either beginning piano players or singers because the notes and words are printed large and are extremely easy-to-read. When you’re looking for gifts for a beginner musician, you’ll want to find songbooks or sheet music that’s written in big notation. The benefit to finding a book like the Disney Giant Movie Hits Songbook or the 30 Favorite Christmas Songs sheet music book, is that the songs are familiar to the beginning musician. This is a great help for teachers or music enthusiasts who are learning how to read music.

The other benefit to “big” notation for beginning piano players, is that it helps them expect that “next note” for fingering. Sheet music with big notation often uses easier piano arrangements, so the musician doesn’t get overwhelmed with too many phrases and notes to play. As the piano player’s fingers get stronger with more and more practice, look for more complex big notations with chords to help that transition period.

Learning to Play Guitar?

If you are giving the gift of a guitar this holiday season, we recommend accompanying your present with guitar sheet music perfect for beginner guitarists. Sometimes, you will find guitar chords printed above the staff on an arrangement geared toward piano and voice. Other times, you’ll find specific notation just for guitar sheet music, called “guitar tab.”

One of our favorite guitar sheet music books to help our music lovers learn guitar is this one called, Teach Yourself Guitar in 10 Easy Lessons. For a more seasonal guitar book, take a look at the Christmas Guitar Book – A Collection of Easy Guitar Solos that offers fifteen popular holiday songs. Normally it retails for $9.95, but we’re offering a 20 percent off Christmas sheet music books sale through November 30th.

Guitar Guru Helps Guitarists Learn Songs, Too

Our Guitar Guru Sessions also help guitarists learn how to increase their skills, but in a unique way. One Guitar Guru session includes the guitar sheet music (or tab) for the song, in addition to an interactive fret board that you can use right on your computer. Compatible for Mac or PC, you simply download our free Guitar learning software and pick the song you want.

We recommend starting with our free Guitar Guru session that we offer once-a-month. Features of Guitar Guru include:

  • Detailed, note-by-note instructions
  • Virtual fret board with customizable, real-time finger positions
  • Adjustable playback/learning tempo (up to 300%)
  • MIDI or CD-Synched/MP3/WMA-synched Audio
  • Use your CD or MP3/WMA files as an audio track, or use the included MIDI.
  • Step-Through Playback Function

Sessions are, on average, one or two dollars higher than if you would purchase the guitar tab by itself. For Christmas music sessions, you can either look at individual songs like Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree or Dream Child by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. For the PC, we do offer two, different Guitar Guru gift packs that offer everything a beginning guitarist needs to learn six holiday songs and more!

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    Please, could anyone provide me notes/tabs of Joe Pass’ “Blues for Alican”? I would be very gratefull on information — or on pdf version of it. Thanks

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    If you are looking for free, legal tab you will want to visit We checked for your song, and it wasn’t part of our legal selection, but you can always request it and interact with people there.

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