Music Gift Ideas for Kids

Top 10 Musical Gift Ideas for KidsDo you have a child that loves music? Are you shopping for your nephew or godchild for Christmas and have no idea what to get them? We put our heads together to come up with a list of musical gift ideas that are great for kids. Not only will these gifts foster their music abilities, but they can be as fun as they are educational, too!

You’ll notice that some of these music gift ideas are perfect for kids that are younger than ten years old. If your child is taking music or theory lessons, we encourage you to double-check with them to see if they have any other ideas for you.

Music Posters

Music posters like the Poster Set Basic Elements Of Music – These educational music posters are perfect as another gift idea for the beginner musician. The other nice thing about this poster set, is that it comes with activity sheets and teaching notes if you choose to use them. At the very least, having four posters that help your child understand rhythm, intervals, fifths and scales help reinforce the fundamentals of learning music.

If your child or teen has a favorite musician or band, a poster can be a fun gift idea to inspire them, too!

Realistic Toy Instruments

Toy instruments that look and feel like a real instrument can be a great gift idea because it helps kids eventually choose which instrument they want to play. From a kid’s mini guitar to a pink baby grand piano, you can often find toy musical instruments in a variety of colors and sizes. If you’re looking for a specific child’s instrument, your local music store can help point you in the right direction. Many instruments have special descriptions targeted for kids, too. For example, drum sets may be labeled as a child’s “starter” drum set. So be sure to have a general idea of what proficiency and size you might need.

Toys to Help Learn Music

Learning Music Toys are another great way to get kids of any age to shore up and prepare their musical skills. These LeapFrog Learn & Groove Counting Maracas are really great for little kids because they feature multiple options for learning. Little kids can count, name colors, learn music beats in both English and Spanish. For less than $20, it’s a really good deal for a multi-purpose toy, especially since there is an option for free play.

Besides LeapFrog, FisherPrice also offers quite a few music-related learning toys like this Fisher-Price Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage. The thing to remember with buying music-learning toys, is that there are a ton of free music games available online for older kids and adults. These music-related toys work well as stand-alone items that can be picked up and played.

High-Tech Music Toys or Instruments

For your older kids (and even some adults, too) there is a continuing wave of music instruments that are compatible with your computer. ThinkGeek’s Music Gifts has a slew of ideas for you to check out like the drum set that plugs into your USB outlet. It has a flexible mat you can roll up and put away; perfect for storage and messy teen closets. Many piano keyboards have ports for USB plug-ins now, too. This is allows your teen or budding songwriter to interact with their computer and any additional software the keyboard might have. Some of these music toys are really high-tech and small, like the Kaossilator Touchpad Synthesizer. Nothing says “cool” for your teen like an exclusive gift.

Sheet Music Books for Kids

Of course, if you want to encourage your kids to play and practice, you might want to help them expand their musical horizons by picking them up a fun sheet music book. From classical music like Alfred Publishing’s Music for Little Mozarts series to popular culture songbooks like A Charlie Brown Christmas songbook for piano, you’ll want to look at how the music is printed and arranged. Bigger notes are easier to read; sometimes “easy piano” will include special music-playing hints right on the sheet music, too.

Our top five recommended sheet music books for kids are:

Hope our ideas have helped to inspire your holiday shopping this year. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to support your teachers and ask them what they recommend, too. The trick to getting a great music gift is to tie it into something the child you’re buying for might be interested in. That’s one of the reasons why the educational toys are often a big hit, because kids can often learn more than just music.

Have any tips to share? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Nice gift resource Monica/Music Notes,

    I think people can also re-gift seldom used music gear to kids round the holidays. For example, my daughter is interested in learning piano. It just so happens my in laws have an old keyboard that they don’t use any more.

    Re-gift the instrument, get some proper use out of it and everyone is happy :-)

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