Kingdom Hearts Sheet Music comes to Musicnotes!

Like video game sheet music? Then you are going to love sheet music from Kingdom Hearts. This week we added two songs from the Kingdom Hearts video game series, blending Disney characters with Square Enix‘s popular Final Fantasy series.

Earlier this month, the video game Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was released for the PS2. The story for this video game takes place in between Kingdom Hearts I and Kingdom Hearts II.

We have twenty-five songs from the Kingdom Hearts series, including Dearly Beloved and sheet music for Destiny Islands. Destiny Islands was the location where we first met Sora, Kairi and Rikku in Kingdom Hearts I.

We invite you to listen to the song Dearly Beloved, then play sheet music for Dearly Beloved from the Kingdom Hearts video game.

If you’re a fan of this popular video game series, visit our selection of Kingdom Hearts sheet music!


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  1. I love kingdom hearts a lot and seeing you have it’s
    song I highly recommend fans to hear this.

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