Announcing November YouPerform Contest WINNER! YouPerform ContestAs you might already be aware, November was the second month for our YouPerform Contest, where five performers submitted videos based on our “Free Sheet Music Download of the Month” for November. We encouraged you, our customers, to upload your performance of November’s free download, “A Christmas Medley,” for your peers and music fans to vote on for a chance to win a $100 Musicnotes Gift Card.

Today we are proud to announce the winner of the $100 Musicnotes Gift Card is Weena. Watch for an upcoming post about this award-winning piano player.

As stated, this decision was made by all of you who have come to the site, viewed the entries, and voted on which one you preferred. Through a combination of votes here on the official Musicnotes blog indicating the quality of Weena’s performance, as well as on YouTube, Weena was chosen the winner.

If you didn’t win last month, or didn’t even enter, remember there’s a whole new YouPerform contest underway for December. Just download your copy of sheet music for the Nutcracker medley “Nutcracker March / Dance of the Reed Flutes / Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” (also available as a Guitar Guru / Guitar TAB download) and upload your performance (instructions and rules are available here).

At the end of the month the entries will open for voting and the highest rated performance will be selected as the winner and announced in the middle of January. Based on our experiences running contests, we are not solely basing our decision on how many votes a performer has, but what the performance quality is to ensure the contest is fair.

Here’s a hint: There are currently no entries for December’s contest, so you have a great chance of winning. Bang out music from The Nutcracker on the piano, pluck through it with your guitar or even hum this medley arranged by Musicnotes. It doesn’t matter how you play it – you are welcome to use our arrangement as a starting point only, if you like – and you never know what kind of creative approach will get a vote.

So once again, congratulations Weena, your gift card is on its way.

The rest of you, download the sheet music, get out your camera or webcam (or, if you’re feeling especially creative, record the audio and create your own animated version!), and show us your stuff.

We appreciate and sincerely thank all of November’s performers. For your enjoyment, here is November’s winning performance:


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