Introducing November’s YouPerform Contest Winner!

November’s contest winner is a true music lover at heart. Weena learned how to play piano at an early age, and played for eight years before going off to college. After successfully pursuing a career in architecture, Weena only recently got back into playing piano.

We asked our contest winner this question about our Christmas Medley – “What tips can you share with your fellow music lovers about learning this medley?”

I believe that in playing a “medley” such as this, it is extremely important to preserve the character of each song. This includes getting used to the tempo and the progression of the song. More often than not, players will tend to rush through the “easy parts” or play everything too quickly . In this particular piece, with the limited time between my decision to submit an entry and the deadline, listening repeatedly to the demo greatly helped with building familiarity, practicing accuracy and knowing whether I need to speed up or slow down with my playing. As for playing the piano in general, obviously, the most important aspect is being patient to practice. It helps to “spot practice” the section you’re struggling with so you don’t overworked the rest of the piece.–QUOTE: Weena, November YouPerform Contest Winner

Weena learned the Christmas Medley in five to six hours, and ended up winning the contest with this video performance of I Saw Three Ship, Away in the Manger and Sussex Carol.

What about you? How long does it take you to practice and learn a song? Are you learning December’s free sheet music download?

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