Blue Dragon Sheet Music for Songs from the Video Game and Anime

blue-dragon-video-game1In our continued efforts to expand our sheet music selection so you have the songs you want to play, we’ve recently added over forty digital sheet music downloads for the video game Blue Dragon. If you’re not familiar with this video game, the game is about an epic battle between light and dark.

Blue Dragon is an epic role-playing game that centers on a young boy named Shu and several of his friends. These unlikely heroes possess the power to control phantom shadows that mirror the actions of their masters, giving Shu and his comrades miraculous strength and magical powers. The warriors can create and develop their combat styles by utilizing different types of Shadow Change, including Sword, Assassin, and Power Magic. Shu and his friends must use the shadows as weapons and wield their skills to save their world from impending doom. Encountering various people on a planet where numerous ancient ruins remain, the characters and their shadows travel through a world full of mysteries and illusions, where the slightest touch can cause reactions of unparalleled magnitude.–SOURCE: Blue Dragon Video Game Description

Blue Dragon sheet music offers theme songs for the main characters, active fight songs and beautifully-orchestrated background music. Songs include Giant Mechat, Revival of the Ancients and the Blue Dragon main theme and were composed by Nobuo Uematsu. You may recognize Nobuo Uematsu from his work on the Final Fantasy sheet music series. To browse all the songs for Blue Dragon, just visit this link for Blue Dragon sheet music.

Want more Blue Dragon? Visit the animated series Blue Dragon, which was based on the video game and watch beautiful, full color episodes on Toonami for free!

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