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Are you using Twitter to interact with your friends and family? Twitter is a micro-blogging service where you can send links and brief bits of news to your followers, reply to “Tweets” and get the latest news from people you follow. If you are already using Twitter, then you might want to consider follow your favorite bands and musicians, too! (We hope that you “follow” Musicnotes! Our Twitter account is located at: @music_notes.) Well, we’ve scoured the web to find a nice, long list of musicians and bands who have embraced this medium.

Bands and Musicians on Twitter

This is a long list of bands and musicians who are on Twitter whose musical styles range from pop to classical. By no means is this a comprehensive list, but as far as we can tell, these accounts represent the “official” band or performer. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell whether or not the Twitter ID is actually the person you’re looking for, but we’ve done our research and believe these to be accurate. If you find an inaccuracy, please comment below and we will remove from this list.

You’ll notice that there is a healthy mix of indie, popular and legendary music icons in this list. Don’t be afraid to check out bands or performers you’ve never heard of; many of these Twitter accounts have a link to their MySpace page so you can check out their music. Today’s unsigned band might very well be tomorrow’s superstar!

Are you in a band? Do you write songs? Love music? Whether you are a fan of a band, songwriter, musician, singer or you are one yourself — please add your Twitter account to this list! Let’s keep the music flowing and support musicians and songwriters everywhere!

Twitter AccountMusician or Band
@oblivionpactBrett Gurewitz, Bad Religion
@britneyspearsBritney Spears
@thisisblocpartyBloc Party
@benkwellerBen K Weller
@gerardwayGerard Way
@weareskylarkinSky Larkin
@thewombatsThe Wombats
@CandyBilykCandy Bilyk
@thesubwaysThe Subways
@choochoothebandChoo Choo
@ffafFuneral for a Friend
@thesedanvaultThe Sedan Vault
@SpeakeasyTigerSpeakeasy Tiger
@michaeljameswayMy Chemical Romance
@imogenheapImogen Heap
@davefromlondonDavid Rowntree
@riverscuomoRivers Cuomo
@hothotheatHot Hot Heat
@cardinologyThe Cardinals
@rootsmanuvaRoots Manuva
@kristinhershKristin Hersh
@reginaspektorRegina Spektor
@DaveJMatthewsDave Matthews
@catherineADCatherine AD
@PearlJamPearl Jam
@theraconteursThe Raconteurs
@jayreatardJay Reatard
@thefaintThe Faint
@johnvandersliceJohn Vanderslice
@ingridmusicIngrid Michaelson
@wendyandlisaWendy and Lisa
@sarateaSara T.
@heybobnannaBob Nanna
@qoolquestQuesto of the Roots
@terranaomiTerra Naomi
@teamyachtTeam Yacht
@theteenagersThe Teenagers
@calvinharrisCalvin Harris
@nickcaveNick Cave
@robert_smithRobert Smith, The Cure
@tomwaitsTom Waits
@ahmetzappaAhmet Zappa
@souljaboytellemSoulja Boy
@johnteshJohn Tesh
@MCHammerMC Hammer
@jonathancoultonJonathan Coulton
@snoopdoggSnoop Dogg
@tayzondayTay Zonday
@the_real_shaqShaquille O’Neal
@SaraBareillesSara Bareilles
@patrick_wilsonPatrick Wilson, Weezer
@andrewhandAndrew Hand
@carlalynnehallCarla Lynne Hall
@dangerradioDanger Radio
@NicholasHowardNicholas Howard
@JeffKrantzJeff Krantz
@botchedGustaf Fjelstrom
@KaitlinMcGawKaitlin McGaw
@Kelly RicheyKelly Richey
@ihatemorningsBen Walker
@stevenguerreroSteven Guerrero
@johntaglieriJohn Taglieri
@jodygJody Gnat
@steineboneTodd Steinhilber
@taylorswift13Taylor Swift
@QtipTheAbstractJosh Charles
@warriorgrrlLaura Kidd
@NatalieGelmanNatalie Gelman
@HeatherMariePhHeather Marie Phillip
@tellingontrixieTelling On Trixie
@thecabThe Cab
@heymondayHey Monday
@grahamenglishGraham English
@simonlittleSimon Little
@JeffSchmidtJeff Schmidt
@MarkWilliams13Mark Williams
@RBPviolinistRachel Barton Pine
@IncaMayaInca Maya
@SLessardStefan Lessard, Dave Matthews Band
@matthewebelMatthew Ebel
@alunvaughanAlun Vaughan

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    • Monica

      You’re welcome! We’re all music lovers!

  2. Brendan

    How do you ever forget one of the best ones: @Matisyahu

  3. sony_music

    Good list – add sony_music to the list

  4. Can I shamelessly add myself to this list please? No spin, just a desire to be heard in the Twitterverse!

    I write an online album. A new song every week, since Dec 2007.

    All the best folks!

  5. There’s more!

    Pete Yorn @peteyorn

    The Hold Steady @unifiedscene

    Mute Math @mutemath

    Colin Meloy from Decemberists @colinmeloy

    Spencer Tweedy (Jeff Tweedy’s son) @tweedyson

    Jimmy Eat World @jimmyeatworld

    Have fun kids…

  6. Monica

    A fellow Twitter addict offered us a few more to add to this list. THANKS!

    A few musicians not on your twitter list:

  7. Monica

    And another one from Twitter! We love you guys!


  8. Brian

    Here is a good one!

    Lions and Scissors @lionsandscissors

  9. amanda

    hey i lover twitter that talk

  10. Tiffany

    Also, Building Rome: @buildingrome

  11. This is great… to help keep an updated list of bands on Twitter, I put together a shared/collaborative spreadsheet that lists bands/artists and record labels using Twitter. People have started adding/updating… which should help keep it current.

    Check out the list here: and you can add new artists or record labels using this form:

    Lastly, please feel free to embed the list on your blog!


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  13. @InIsolation

    Check this too, for Indie fans and bands to find each other – the latest hashtag phenomenon devised by @InIsolation, which uses the Twitter search facility:


  14. valenz96

    Wow. This is good stuff. Great idea!

    • Monica

      Thanks for adding your band to our list! :)


    Ainjel Emme – @ainjelemme
    Suzanna Choffel – @suzannachoffel
    Kacy Crowley – @kacycrowley
    Johnny Goudie – @johnnygoudie
    Sara Hickman – @sarahickman
    Aimee Bobruk – @aimebobruk
    Ray Prim – @rayprim
    Laura Scarborough – @misslaurahere


    Vanessa Bley – @vanessabley
    Bonnie Baxter – @bonniebaxter


    Mia Sable – @miasable
    Reeve Carney – @reevecarney
    Arden Of Eden – @ardenofeden
    Fuji Minx – @fujiminx
    Robin Davey – @therobindavey

  16. Rich Platz, thehappydrummer

    In my opinion, Musicnotes is a fair deal. One must see though, that I do not find the jazz that I need, and would purchase. You could start, Musicnotes, with Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and Duke Ellington. How was this ever overlooked anyway, as jazz is an inherent part of the American Culture, our classical if u will!
    Any comments to my inquiry would be welcomed.
    Rich Platz, The Happy Drummer

    • Monica

      Rich, I’m really not sure what you mean. We have quite a few jazz sheet music favorites through including all of those artists that you listed and more. This post is to highlight some of the bands and musicians that use Twitter. :)

  17. Mikey

    @awesomethndrblt electro-rock

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