American Idol Songs, Sale on Heart and More in “The Whole Note”

american-idol_whole-note This past week, American Idol debuted with a lot of contestants singing their hearts out. One contestant named Casey sang A Thousand Miles, another highlight featured Emily Wynne-Hughes singing Barracuda by Heart. Other songs featured in coverage related to the show included Alone by Heart and Lost by the band Coldplay.

Since season one of American Idol, we’ve watched as aspiring singers have sung their way to the top. Kelly Clarkson. Clay Aiken. Carrie Underwood. Kimberly Locke. All of these top performers started on this intense television show and sung their way to a recording contract. Now you can play or sing right along with the former contestants from American Idol. We have a ton of American Idol sheet music from auditions and these excellent performers, and we will make every effort we can to help you stay on top of the popular songs. Be sure to follow Musicnotes on Twitter and also check out your favorite bands and musicians on Twitter, too! We’ve been trying out different, community-based efforts there and would love to see you!

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best-of-heart Between American Idol sheet music and their songs included in the popular video game Guitar Hero, the band Heart is a true rock-and-roll icon. Their song, Barracuda, has been featured in numerous movies like Charlie’s Angels (2000), the video game Prey and has been covered by other artists including Fergie, Rasputina and The Accused.

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Guitar Hero Songs and Guitar Guru

As a follow-up to a long list of your song suggestions, earlier this week we provided you with a huge list of Guitar Guru Sessions for songs featured on Guitar Hero. We had mentioned that:

We’ve compiled a list of Guitar Guru Sessions for songs that are featured in Guitar Hero in this post, and we’ll follow up with another one later this month about songs featured in Rock Band. There’s over 300 songs for us to still go through and see whether or not we’ll add a Guitar Guru Session to the list, so please — keep this link bookmarked and we will continue to update the post!–SOURCE: Guitar Guru and Guitar Hero

There are a ton of songs from all four Guitar Hero video game editions with more for us to pore through, but this is a great list of Guitar Guru Sessions. As our way of saying “THANK YOU” for supporting Guitar Guru, take 10% off all Guitar Guru Sessions through 1/21/09 using coupon code: GG74KL9. Sale ends midnight, January 21st, and includes both lead and bass guitar sessions.

Find out what the most popular downloaded Guitar Guru Sessions are by visiting Guitar Guru or checking out the Top 10 Guitar Guru Sessions from 2008.

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What’s New for Next Week?

Next week is very, very exciting! We’ve got more American Idol, our YouPerform contest winner, Clone Wars sheet music, a fabulous song history and other songwriter interviews in the works! Thanks for reading and ’till next time — keep your fingers nimble and your voice in tune!


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  1. Alice

    About American Idol list, what about “And So It Goes” by Billy Joel that the blind contestant sang? I love that song, and it’s easy to play. I already downloaded it.

    • Monica

      Thanks for pointing out that performance. We’ll be curious to hear your thoughts as the show continues on. So many auditions to choose from!

      • Alice


        I think you could really be a good resource for auditions, maybe a list of hits and misses, or a rating of easy to hard. It was wonderful to hear “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” on 1/20 and have him go to Hollywood! That was not an easy song.

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