Announcing the December YouPerform Contest Winner

We are thrilled to announce that fourteen-year old Daniel was the winner of YouPerform contest for December. Performing a challenging Nutcracker Medley, Daniel arranged the selections from The Nutcracker for the organ.

Let’s listen to Daniel as he talks about his love for the organ and a bit about his musical background.

I arranged the music for the organ and performed it on my Allen Home Organ. I love Theatre Organ and wanted to give the medley a Theatre ending so the last part is my own special arrangement. The organ is more versatile than a piano and the the different sounds and pedals that I chose made the medley sound like it was played with a full orchestra. Organs are not just for “Churches” and for playing classical pieces. Thank you for offering organ music on your website – it would be awesome to a have a greater, more contemporary, selection in the future. I love playing all types of music on the organ – Beatles songs are my favorite!

I have been taking organ lessons for 5 years and piano lessons for 3 years. I play both instruments every day for at least 1/2 hour. Most days I do not formally “practice” but just play for the enjoyment of it. I also play trumpet in the school Concert Band and play the keyboard in the school Jazz Band. I used the whole month of December to master the song – spending about 10 minutes each day on it.
–Daniel, December YouPerform Contest Winner

Daniel offered this tip to you, our fellow music lovers, if you’re going to try to learn this challenging piece: “I found it helpful to learn the song slowly, section by section, just a few lines at a time. I did not try to learn the piece all at once. This way I perfected each part of the song before I continued on.”

Join us in giving Daniel a huge round of applause, and feel free to watch this contest-winning performance. Don’t forget — we have new rules for the YouPerform Contest so be sure to submit your performance for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to our store.

Congratulations, Daniel! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MUSIC! :)


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