Sheet Music for Love Songs, Guitar Guru Headset Sale and More in the Whole Note

love-songs Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by reliving some of your most heartfelt memories. From wedding sheet music to popular love songs that highlight the best parts of your relationships, it’s easy to mark the milestones of your heart with a song. This Valentine’s Day, remember your greatest moments with older love songs like The Luckiest by Ben Folds, Because you Loved Me by Johnny Mathis or At Last by Etta James.

If you are building new memories, there are a couple newer love songs that are still popular among many music lovers. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and Love Story by Taylor Swift continue to be really popular among customers and friends.

No matter what you’re playing or singing, we hope you find the love song that’s right for you this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Just like there’s a time for every season, remember there’s a song for every memory.

20% Off Guitar Guru Headsets for the PC and Reduced Shipping!

guru_250 From now until the end of February, save big on Guitar Guru headsets. Not only do you get 20% off the headset to bring the price under $20, we are offering $2.95 shipping to U.S.-based addresses.

What can you do with your Guitar Guru headset? For starters, you could interact with some of the songs featured on Guitar Hero. Why do we recommend an official Guitar Guru headset? Guitar Guru features voice command functionality for the PC, so using a headset allows you to keep your hands on your guitar while you’re learning how to play your song. We tested a bunch of different headsets for Guitar Guru yet one stood out among all the brands we tested. This Plantronics headset offers noise-canceling, excellent sound quality, and typically ships in one business day.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Guru on and order yours today!

American Idol Finalists Announced Next Week!

Things are heating up on American Idol. This week the contestants performed in groups of eight singing songs like Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac and I Want You Back by The Jackson 5. We have a big Queen fan here in the office, so she really enjoyed the performance of Somebody To Love by Queen, which was also featured in the movie Ella Enchanted. (Anne Hathaway got to sing the song for some partying giants.) Another song that stood out for us was Mercy by Duffy.

Do you know how challenging these songs are? Remember that difficulty is very subjective, which is one of the reasons why you can write reviews of the songs you love to play. Watch for a post about that next week before we get into more American Idol.

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Normally we’d tell you to stay sharp and “in tune,” but this weekend we’ll just encourage you to warm up your hearts and watch for the first sign of Spring! Have a wonderful one!!

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