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Musicnotes.com employs a wide range of talented individuals who are as passionate about music as you are. From professional arrangers to educators to just plain old music lovers, everyone here is dedicated to bringing sheet music to life in one way or another. We’d like to share our knowledge with you by opening the floor to your questions.

Here’s how we’d like to help you in your music endeavors:

    Trying to learn music and need answers? Write down your question related to learning music or music performance and send your question to this email address: musiclovers AT musicnotes DOT com. Please put “Ask Musicnotes” in your email subject line.

We’ll choose questions to answer here on the blog, and will provide you with a detailed answer. In the interest of time, not every question may be answered. How often (and how quickly) we respond to your questions will depend on scheduling and you!

If you’re looking for ideas on what types of questions to ask, you might start by reading our tips for sight-reading post to help inspire you.

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    • Monica

      Hi Frances,

      The song you’re looking for is “Let Me Love You.” That song has been performed by Lena Horne and was composed by Bart Howard.

      We don’t have this song in digital, but we might have it in a sheet music book. I just need to check. :)

  2. Barbara

    What is a good chord progression to use when trying to learn to improvise on the piano.

    • Brent Ward

      Start with a chord progression that allows you to use one scale for a long time. Here is one:

      Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 Dm7 Cmaj7
      Cmaj6 Dminor7 Em7 G7 Am7

      This progression requires you to use a C major scale, as all chords have roots, thirds, fifths and sevenths that are from the C major scale.

      This is called diatonic harmony.

      • Barbara

        Thanks Brent !

  3. Mark Mays

    Ask Music Notes. Do you offer any one page songs showing guitar chords and words? I hate to stop playing the guitar in order to turn the pages on your sheet music.

    • Graham

      Shrink the Kids!

      Page turning with the guitar (any instrument) is a hassel. One solution is to shrink pages on the computer or photo copier. A4 to A5 gives two pages of music on an A4 sheet, more on A3, or just put two A4 pages on an A3 sheet.

      Once you have started learning a page of music, you need less and less visual cues to prompt you to play correctly. Then, Presto (boom boom), the sheets can get smaller and smaller, letting you fit more music to the page. It works, and makes it easier to memorise whole pieces of music.

  4. Rebekah

    Ask Musicnotes. How can I improve my phrasing on the piano? Also how to speed up the process of learning new pieces?

    • Holly Banks

      Hi Rebekah,

      There is a foolproof way to understand correct phrasing. Just sing the phrase and then imitate with your hands the way your voice sang it naturally. A lot of listening to professional performers will give you a good ear for phrasing, too. And that same listening to a piece that you are learning speeds up the process like magic. This means many times a day, both when you are paying attention to the music and when you are doing something else and it is just in the background. I tell my students that the recording of their piece(s) is their “wallpaper”- always there.

  5. Bill

    Where can I find the sheet music to “The Happy Organ” by Dave “Baby” Cortez (1959)

    • Pete

      Bill……did you find out how to get this sheet music? I too am trying to find out how and where to find it. Perhaps you can help

      • Monica

        We are getting new arrangements of Celtic Woman sheet music up on the site next week, but as far as we know, no sheet music has been released for this song. Many times, releases may not occur because of copyright restrictions.

  6. peter

    How can i get music notes for saxophone.
    thank you

  7. Steven

    Where do I go to get someone to actually create the sheet music from my song? If I want a piano vocal piece or a guitar vocal piece. How do I know who can do that for me?

    • If you send somekind of recording on CD or tape, I could probably figure that out for you. And you can’t beat my price(free).

      You can check out my den on AuthorsDen web site. It has my background and contact information. Click on “R” in the upper right, then scan down list.

      Randall Raus

      • Monica

        Thanks, Randall for your generosity! Creating sheet music is definitely its own art form, and for us there’s a lot of layers to it that involve licensing, etc.

  8. Joyce

    do you have top line music ,like just notation chords and words
    and chords, one page

    • Monica

      “Top Line music” is also called a “leadsheet.” Here is a link to the “leadsheet”‘s on Musicnotes.com. Hope this is what you were looking for!!

      Leadsheet music.

  9. Andrew

    What are your suggestions for studying / and playing the saxophone? Do you have any publications / techniques that you reccomend? I would consider myself between novice and intermediate in current knowledge and skill.



  10. Rod Buckley

    Can I get sheet music to “Stairway to Heaven”?

    • Rachel

      Hi Rod, You can do an online course which includes the sheet music on guitarprinciples.com (The best guitar website on the net, authored by a master teacher and virtuoso player). It has photos and notes which show how to play Stairway to Heaven, note by note, every movement, with ease.

  11. jose

    what table is used to transport from one instrument to another

  12. Rusty

    I play guitar, I’ve found that it’s really hard for me to change cords. On certain songs there’s (6) cord changes and my fingers just can’t seem to find the cords in time to the music.

    Is there anything I can do to speed up my cord changes and keep a clean sound.



    • Rachel

      The Slower you go the Faster you will get there! You are probably suffering from muscle tension and lockup, where you are fighting your own muscle tension in moving to the next chord. It is an extremely common problem which permeates everything in most guitarists to some degree; unless they have learnt how to practice properly, which is almost never taught.

      Start with practicing your chord changes no tempo, then over 8 seconds (no kidding!) while concentrating on relaxing your whole body, both arms, and hands. No prizes for getting there by 5! Use a metronome, set on 60. Then, progressively halve the (8 sec) timing. The emphasis must be on releasing tension, and “bringing up the ease”.

      After that you can use the same settings with a strum, 1 bar each chord. Finally you can go on to your song using a programme that will slow it down for you, and gradually bring up the speed.

      You can find more information on “guitarprinciples.com” and their books “Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar”, and “The Path, Chords and Rhythm”. They are the “Bible for guitarists” and will revolutionise your playing.

  13. Joshua

    I was wanting to know if you have any of roberto cacciapgalia songs i can’t find any

    do you have any?

    • Monica

      Hi Joshua,

      Musicnotes.com doesn’t have sheet music for this artist. I did some checking, and it looks like there is sheet music for Roberto’s work, but it’s only available in Europe in a book format. You can try checking Eurosheetmusic.com to see if you can get the sheet music shipped to the U.S., but you might not be able to due to copyright restrictions.

      Hope that helps!

  14. kim

    where can i get piano sheet music the time of my life by david cook? my daughter was asked to play this song for her graduation. please help.

    • Monica

      Hi Kim,

      The sheet music for “Time of My Life” by David Cook has not been released by the publisher for digital or for print. I’ve done some checking, and it looks like very few songs are available by him in sheet music. Sorry for the bad news, hope that helps!

  15. Robert

    I play the keyboard after having some lessons in electone organ. Now I am trying to learn the piano but cannot follow the left hand notes. My instructor says it’s ok to play the chords with the left hand with the chord inverted closest to middle C and to play them softly while trying to play the chord in single note form one at a time. Soumd okay to me. What’s your view?

  16. kim

    Dear Monica,

    Thank you for looking into it. I really appreciate it!!!!

    • Monica

      You’re welcome, glad I could help!

  17. Nicole

    I know there is sheet music for Crush available on Musicnotes, but where can I get more David Archuleta sheet music? I really want to get more of his songs from Musicnotes (like A Little Too Not Over You and/or Don’t Let Go). Basically any David Archuleta song would be great!

  18. willared_cottrell

    Looking for title and availability of the “patriotic” song recently written for the newest Celtic Woman “Isle of Hope” touring currently.

    Anyone going to the show that purchased a program could help me out.

    • Monica

      It looks like the set list hasn’t even been published on their website yet. This usually means that the song is “so” new that it either isn’t available in sheet music, or it’s been covered as a different arrangement.

      Here is a link we found that does list some of the song titles for you. Sometimes, depending upon how “new” the music is, there might be a delay in digital or print from the publisher.


  19. willard cottrell

    Thanks fMonica for the info

    I just need to be patient. :>)

  20. Jacklin H.

    hey, im trying to figure out an old classical peice but i dont know the title…i tried playing it on the piano and did the right hand part- that goes like: E D F E E D F E E D A C D E F D… any suggestions? help please.

  21. samuel Tetteh

    Ask Musicnotes
    i am interested in learning how to sing in solfa: d r m f ….. notations n 2 learn how to score songs using the notations so as to make my service 2 God

  22. Roy Molina

    I’m looking for sheet music by an artist called Szakcsi. The New Age keyboardist from Eastern Europe.I’ve been on GRP records website but no luck.

    • Monica

      Hi Roy,

      It doesn’t look like the sheet music has been released for this artist. Let me look into this a little more and find out if there’s any more info.


  23. I am trying to find the piano music Last Date by Floyd Cramer
    How do I get this???? Thank you and have a nice evening!!!!

  24. Robyn

    I have been looking for sarah brightmans Anywhere anytime, but can’t find it anywhere, the sheet music that is, can you help
    thanks ROBYN

    • Monica

      Hi Robyn,

      It’s possible that the publisher hasn’t released sheet music for that song. If you have a song request, please feel free to enter the information through our song suggestion tool. Thanks!

  25. Amber

    my best friend wants to get a tattoo in memory of her brother and wants the tattoo to be the sheet music to Seether’s “The Gift”… she only needs the score portion of the lyrics “I don’t belong here and I’m not well”… how do/can i find this for her?


    • Monica

      Hi Amber,

      We have the guitar tab for The Gift by Seether, but I’m not sure how you would go about translating something like that to a tattoo.

      Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!


  26. Gus

    Took piano lessons when I was 12 for about 1 year. Tyring to go back and start over now at 50. Are there any on-line learning programs you would recommend.

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