Getting Married? Here’s Some Wedding Sheet Music!

wedding-bouquetAre you getting married? Looking for songs for your wedding ceremony? We know that this time of year is exceptionally busy for you the bride-to-be’s out there, because you’re probably in the middle of planning for your summer wedding. You’re probably planning everything from the wedding ceremony sheet music to the color of your napkins to get ready for your special day. We’d like to help! Logo

    Musicnotes Tip: Try to choose wedding ceremony music that can either be played acoustically or through a sound system. Even if you have a band or a musician playing at your wedding, it can’t hurt to have a backup of the music for your wedding ceremony handy just in case there’s a technical issue with equipment.

Here are some wedding sheet music ideas for your ceremony, broken down by events in the wedding. Even if you don’t like these popular songs, these are some key moments in the ceremony that you might want to find music for.

Prelude to your Wedding Ceremony – While your guests are being seating at your ceremony, consider choosing a classical song to welcome them. One of the more popular songs used for this part of a wedding ceremony is: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.

Wedding Party Processional – A year-round favorite for the bridal party processional is the song Canon in D composed by Pachelbel. This song is so popular there’s been quite a few variations of this theme for piano, organ, strings, choirs and more!

Bride’s Entrance – As soon as you hear the opening notes of the Bridal Chorus composed by Wagner, we know you’ll recognize it. Did you know that one of the most infamous wedding songs was actually composed for an opera? The Bridal Chorus was originally composed for a romantic German opera named Lohengrin.

Unity Candle Ceremony – The unity candle ceremony is one that transcends all wedding themes. From spiritual weddings to romantic beach weddings, many brides have chosen the song Panis Angelicus by Franck for this event.

Interlude – An interlude may be a wedding song that you choose to commemorate a meaningful moment in the ceremony with music. Although some brides choose popular music for a specific event in their ceremony, many have picked the song Ave Maria for a more classic theme.

Recessional – While you and your new husband are walking down the aisle, you might want to pick the second most popular wedding song, the Wedding March composed by Felix Mendelssohn for Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Postlude for End of Ceremony – After your wedding party leaves, you might want to pick a song to end the ceremony. If you want to continue with your classical theme, you could opt for Handel’s Overture, which is a popular arrangement for the organ.

Do you have any wedding songs to recommend? Are you in the middle of planning your ceremony and need wedding sheet music? Let us know and we’ll feature your comments in an upcoming post. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Derek Reno

    Theres another big one you missed or may have excluded on purpose. “We have all the time in the world” by louis armstrong is a pretty popular piece.

    • Monica

      Thanks, Derek. We’ll put that in an upcoming post; this overview was definitely one to get the conversation started. :)

  2. denise

    I am church organist and a bride has requested a song by Matthew West called When I Say I Do. It seems that it was just released in February. Do you know if you will have it to download. the wedding is in July

    • Monica

      Let me look into that for you and see what I can find. :)

  3. I am a wedding singer and from reading your suggestions on choices for the ceremony I would personally suggest that the Panis is far too long for the unity candle. This part of the ceremony only needs something short e.g. the opening few bars of Clouds Veil by Liam Lawton, or even a short instrumental. The Panis, like Schuberts Ave Maria, works better further into the ceremony where the guests and the couple can hear it and really enjoy it.

  4. nate

    does anyone know where to get that matthew west wedding song “When I say I do” translated into guitar chords? I too am playing it in july and would love to have the chords for it.

  5. Debbie

    If you do find the song translated into guitar chords, let me know too. My daughter wants this song at her wedding and the soloist prefers playing his own guitar.

  6. Travis

    I am looking for the Sheet Music for the piano for Matthews “When I say I Do”

  7. Miriah

    Does anyone know where I can find the instrumental version of Matthew West’s “When I say I do?”

  8. Tara

    I am looking for an Organ version in Key B of Matthew West’s “When I say I do.” Does anyone know where I can get this at? Thanks!

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