Disney Sheet Music for Your Favorite Animated Movies

disney-sheet-music Did you know that we have an extensive collection of Disney sheet music? From Down to Earth sheet music from Wall-E to animated classic films like Sleeping Beauty, sheet music for Disney animated films is a great way to entice young students to practice.

Disney sheet music is also a lot of fun to sing, too! Several songs over the years have been sung by very talented artists including Bette Midler, Billy Crystal, Angela Lansbury and many others. Who is your favorite Disney singer?

List of Disney Animated Movies Sheet Music

In this list, we feature several animated Disney movies that we have sheet music for. Some of these movies also have sequels, like Toy Story II. The sheet music for the Disney sequels are included in the link. To help you jog your memory, we’ve included a brief synopsis of the film. Hope you enjoy this list! If you can’t find the film you’re looking for, we have quite a few others not featured here, so feel free to visit our Disney sheet music store or search for your favorites!

  • 101 Dalmatians sheet music – Who can forget this cute movie about black-and-white dalmatian puppies pitted against none other than Cruella de Ville?
  • A Bug’s Life sheet music – In this groundbreaking film for animation, we watched as Flik recruited a band of merry circus bugs to save his colony from the evil grasshoppers.
  • Aladdin sheet music – Although Aladdin was the true hero in this movie, many of us fell in love with “Genie” whose voice was provided by the ultra-talented Robin Williams. Jafar, Jasmine and the mischievous bird Iago join Aladdin in this story about how important it is to be yourself.
  • Alice In Wonderland sheet music – Lewis Carroll’s classic tale comes to life in the animated version of Alice in Wonderland replete with a purple-and-pink striped cat.
  • Atlantis the Lost Empire sheet music – Hidden far beneath the depths of the sea is a mystical land called Atlantis. Milo Thatch and his band of adventurers look for lost treasure in this film about discovery.
  • Beauty and the Beast sheet music – Did you know that the animated version of Beauty and the Beast was based on a French fairytale? In this version, Belle wears a gorgeous gold gown to the ballroom where she’ll express her love.
  • Bolt sheet music As we mentioned earlier in our post about sheet music from Bolt, this is a movie about a dog from Hollywood who believes he’s a superhero with powers.
  • Brother Bear sheet music – In this coming-of-age story, a young man turns into a bear so he can become a man.
  • Cars sheet music – A very popular film for kids, Cars offers a broad range of colorful characters like Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Doc Hudson (Paul Newman). The story is about how McQueen shifts from hot rod to life in suburbia.
  • Chicken Little sheet music – Not to be confused with the fable The Sky is Falling, this story is about a little chick who is trying to warn his town from an impending alien invasion.
  • Cinderella sheet music – Also inspired by a children’s fairytale, this is a classic Disney film that inspires little girls everywhere to dream of their “Prince Charming.”
  • Dumbo sheet music – Dumbo is one of Disney’s early animated films, about an elephant with massive ears that can fly. Now you can sing or play the song When I See an Elephant Fly from the movie and join in the fun! Many music lovers enjoy the song Baby Mine from Dumbo, too.
  • Finding Nemo sheet music – When Nemo and his father get separated, they have to swim through dangerous waters and vast oceans to find one another again.
  • Home on the Range sheet music – When Patch of Heaven ranch owner gets an eviction notice the animals, led by three cows, come to her rescue!
  • Hercules sheet music – In this story about a what makes a hero a “hero,” Disney looks into Greek mythology with a touch of humor and adventure. James Woods lends his voice to the unforgettable god of the underworld, Hades.
  • Kingdom Hearts sheet music – Even though this is a video game, Kingdom Hearts features a wide range of Disney animated titles and characters. Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmatians, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid are just a few of the settings you’ll be introduced to in this popular series.
  • Lady and the Tramp sheet music – Just thinking about the film that defines “puppy love” inspires more than a few of us to go out and have a romantic dinner with meatballs.
  • Lilo & Stitch sheet music – A strange, mischievous alien who loves Elvis and unusual families are all part of this fun film set in Hawaii.
  • Monsters, Inc. sheet musicMonsters, Inc. is a company that generates electricity by scaring kids. That is, until one child refuses to be scared. John Goodman and Billy Crystal star in this movie about conquering your fears and finding the true meaning of friendship.
  • Mulan sheet music – To save her father and her family’s honor, this young girl bucks tradition to join the Imperial Army, posing as a male soldier. With the help of a few unlikely friends, Mulan chooses to do what is right for her country.
  • Oliver & Company sheet music – Inspired by Charles Dickens story Oliver Twist, this animated feature is about a stranded kitten who joins a gang of dogs in New York. Although the dogs help Oliver survive, the story takes a different turn when Oliver finds a new owner. Starring Billy Joel and Joey Lawrence.
  • Peter Pan sheet music – Arguable one of Disney’s classic animated films, this 1953 film was an adaptation of a play from 1904. Peter Pan was created by J.M. Barrie in the late nineteenth century, but has been revived and adapted several times over. Watch as Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Wendy and Hook enjoy the ultimate adventure.
  • Pinocchio sheet music – Do you remember the story about the toy who wanted to be a boy? We just received sheet music for When You Wish Upon a Star and a few other songs. Pinocchio is also featured as part of our video game sheet music series, songs from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Pocahontas sheet music – This animated film is a story loosely inspired by figures in American history. Pocahontas is the daughter of a Native American chieftain who falls in love with an English soldier, who is part of the army that invades the coastline. Will love conquer all, even in times of war?
  • Ratatouille sheet music – Remy is a French rat with an unusual dream – he wants to become a four-star chef! In this story, Remy must overcome his family expectations and the “rat-hating” stereotypes of the humans around him to achieve his dreams.
  • Sleeping Beauty sheet music – This story about a lovely princess cursed by an evil witch was originally created in 1697 by French writer Perrault, and then later adapted into a ballet by Tchaikovsky in 1890. Drawing from both versions with a touch of Disney magic, this endearing story features fairies (Flora, Fauna and Merryweather), the beautiful Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip and the sorceress Maleficent.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sheet music – Based on a fairy tale, this animated Disney full-length feature is about a princess who falls into a deep sleep after eating a poison apple. We feature three, very special songs from this classic Disney movie that includes: Whistle While You Work, Some Day My Prince Will Come and the dwarf’s marching song Heigh-Ho.
  • Tarzan sheet music – Based on the book published in the early 1900s by Edgar Rice Burroughs, this is the first animated film. Set in the late 1880s, this story is about an orphaned boy raised by Kerchak and Kala, two gorillas who live in the jungle. Once grown, Tarzan must choose between re-engaging with the human world or staying in the jungle. When Clayton betrays him, Tarzan stands with the jungle to fight.
  • The Aristocats sheet music – When a wealthy opera singer passes on, her butler is dismayed to find out she left her estate to her cats. The will stipulates that he has to look after them until they die, and then the butler can inherit her fortune. Unfortunately, the butler wants to get his hands on her estate sooner rather than later and tries to kidnap the cats (Duchess and her three kittens Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse) to mail them out of the country. Will Duchess (Eva Gabor) and her family find happiness at the end of her adventure?
  • The Emperor’s New Groove sheet music – A spoiled, vain Emperor decides to build a new waterpark in honor of his birthday, not caring if he has to destroy a village in the process. His administrator Yzma has other plans in store for Emperor Kuzco, who attempts to assassinate him. Through a twist of fate, Kuzco ends up turning into a llama and falls under the protection of Pancha the llama herder. In this story about what it means to be a strong leader, Kuzco and Pancha work together to regain his throne and save Pancha’s village.
  • The Fox and the Hound sheet music – Tod and Copper are accidentally thrown together as children, but end up turning into enemies once they’re grown up. Can the fox and the hound cast aside their instincts and remain friends?
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame sheet music – Inspired by Victor Hugo’s story first published in 1831, Quasimodo is hidden away in the bell tower of the Notre Dame Cathedral by Frollo. During the Feast of Fools, three gargoyles encourage Quasimodo to participate in the festivities. There he meets a young gypsy named Esmeralda (Demi Moore) and a handsome soldier named Phoebus (Kevin Kline). Quasimodo’s bravery doesn’t stop at the Feast of Fools, he struggles to defend Esmeralda, her gypsy home and the cathedral!
  • The Incredibles sheet music – This “incredible” family starts off with two superheroes in love. When the superhero craze has passed, the “incredibles” have to fit in with everyone else. Unfortunately, Mr. Incredible has other plans as he gets caught up in a web of betrayal by Syndrome. Together with Frozone, this “super” family fights back to save their city and re-establish the need for superheroes. Don’t forget to visit our earlier post about superhero sheet music if you love the “supers”!
  • The Jungle Book sheet music – Mowgli is a “man-cub” who is lost outside of a human village, in this story inspired by Rudyard Kipling. Bagheera, King Louie and the lovable Baloo all help Mowgli along his journey dodging from the fierce tiger Shere Khan to return home.
  • The Lion King sheet music – Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa are all part of this coming-of-age story. When Simba’s uncle Scar murders his father, Simba believes he’s to blame. Left to die in the desert, Timon and Pumbaa rescue the young cub and help him escape his troubled past. Simba soon learns that in order to be a true leader, you need to work through your past and not leave all your troubles behind.
  • The Little Mermaid sheet music – In this musical spectacular, Ariel falls in love with a young man. The only thing standing between them is the fact that she’s a mermaid! Will Ariel get the Prince to fall in love with her before the wicked sea witch has her way?
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas sheet music – This cult classic is a spooky hit for fans of Jack the Pumpkin King. Halloween will never be the same again!
  • The Three Little Pigs sheet music – Every child knows the story of the three, little pigs, but have they see the Disney animated film by the same name? The animated version of The Three Little Pigs is one of Disney’s classic films, and features the song Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Wolf?.
  • Toy Story sheet music – Woody, a well-loved “classic” toy, is threatened by the arrival of a flying spaceman called “Buzz Lightyear.” Unfortunately, when Buzz goes missing Woody is blamed by the other toys. In the ultimate adventure, the toys band together to rescue Buzz underneath the very noses of their owners.
  • Treasure Planet sheet music – If you enjoy science fiction films, you’ll really like this modern story inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. The main character in this film is Jim Hawkins, a teenager with a bad attitude. When a dying pirate hands him a treasure map to Captain Nathaniel Flint’s hidden loot, Jim embarks on an adventure to find it.
  • WALL-E sheet music – Have you seen this film about a garbage-collecting robot who falls in love with E.V.E.? Read more about this award-winning film in our post about Down to Earth from Wall-E sheet music.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh sheet music – In this film from the late 70s, we met Disney’s version of Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends. Songs from the movie (and the cartoon series) are often taught to kids to introduce them to music.

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