Help Decide March’s YouPerform Contest Winner!

We have had a number of great entries for March’s YouPerform Contest last month, and we need your help. Which of these great videos will be March’s winner? You tell us! Whether you vote for one of these duets or solos, tell us which one should win by casting your vote!

This month, contestants performed their versions of Bunessan, Danny Boy and Hail to the Chief, which are Musicnotes Editions of sheet music from For more ideas on sheet music to play for our YouPerform contest, take a look at these five classical sheet music contest selections.

Good luck to all of our entrants for March’s contest! We hope you’ll take the time to submit your entry as a contestant for April by joining our April 2009 YouPerform contest group on YouTube! Don’t forget to follow up with musiclovers AT musicnotes DOT com with an email, too!

Vote for March’s YouPerform Contest Winner!

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  1. sapphire newman-fogel

    I really liked all of the songs (secretly) but I had to choose; so I chose! Some of them were really hard to choose; but others were quick as a snap.

  2. Victoria Ibanez

    Hi, Music Notes! Cute idea, Kudos! My favorite was the 9th performer, and an extra star for imagination and creativity!
    Maybe as a consolation prize, we could give away some piano tuning! Wow, it makes it hard to hear the musicality.
    Well, congrats to all, and to your wonderful staff!
    Happy Spring! VI

    • Monica

      Since we had so many entries this month, we’re considering offering gift certificates to 2nd and 3rd place winners as well.

  3. Patrick Foley

    The Girl with the Recorder and Piano was wonderful!

  4. Peter

    Victoria… Kudos to you on your suggestion about consolation prizes! :)

  5. Christine

    Irish whistle and piano – a beautiful combination and played so well. This is my favourite.

  6. julie mcgeorge

    The most authentic and legato performance was the girl playing the flute with piano. Very musical!

  7. Jenelle

    Why can’t i hear?? I can always hear stuff on YouTube, but I can’t hear any of these!!

    • Monica

      Hi Jenelle,

      I’m not sure why you can’t hear these videos. You’re the first person to mention that you can’t, unfortunately. If you mouse over the “speaker” icon on the bottom of the video, you can turn the volume up. Hope that helps! :)

  8. Janet

    I must agree that the 9th performer (Performer I) was the best. Most musical. Very creative. Really fluid piano playing. A little pitchy on the whistle at times, but still a very nice performance overall.

    Major distractions from many of the piano performances were: 1) use of too much pedal; and 2) very out of tune pianos! (I agree with Victoria’s suggestion).

    Thanks for the contest!

  9. A pity most contestants with acoustic pianos did not take the trouble to have their pianos tuned before entering.

    • Monica

      Hi Ron,

      These brave contestants are competing for a $100 gift certificate to our store. The contest was intended to be fun and enjoyable, and many of these contestants have different levels of music proficiency. Some entrants are students trying to learn music for a chance to win.

      I know it’s challenging, but not every performer has as gifted or as professional of an ear as you do. Remember, too, that sometimes video recording equipment can affect how a song sounds.

  10. Danny

    Performer I show the most expression of all. The performances that were very good would be fantastic if they used more expression in their playing.

  11. Re. Jenelle and Monica’s discussion about not being able to hear the videos playing:
    My Mum tried to listen to the videos and had the same problem — no sound, even after waiting ages for the vids to load (she has medium-speed broadband). I told her to turn the computer off and try again a while later. She did, and it worked fine that time.

    • Monica

      Thanks for the feedback, Narelle! It’s much appreciated!

  12. Peter

    I thought the DANNY BOY, with piano and strings, was very nicely and accurately played: Played in an understated style. I personally would have liked a little more light and shade, but for all that, very very nice.

  13. Peter

    Some have commented on out – tune pianos. The acoustic piano sound is notoriously difficult to get across satisfactorily in a recording. To the people playing in there own homes their piano sound was okay. ( I know this from experience ). Just a general comment I felt I should add.

    • Monica

      That’s great feedback, Peter! Thanks for chiming in!

  14. christopher jones

    I’m an old learner, so many talented players, inspiring.

  15. Barbara

    I gave five stars each to Renee playing Bunessan and to the person playing Danny Boy. Both of them touched me.

    Also, I understand how the sound of accoustic pianos doesn’t transfer well through recordings.

    Congratulations to each person for the courage to perform.

  16. Good Day,

    I am friends with, and work with wonderful artists; Jackson Berkey, founding member and pianist of Mannheim Steamroller, Phillip Keveren, Melody Bober and Hollywood actors who support music education. I know talent and this is where it starts. This site is another great motivator for these musicians, and it’s fun! Regardless of the winner(s), the effort of each entrant should be applauded. Congratulations to

  17. Char

    I thought the performances were done very well. I would suggest moving with the music more. Every person has a different way of playing so it is very hard to judge others. I know from experience it is allot harder to get the mood acrossed when preforming becasue of nerves. So good job to all fo you!

  18. Dana

    The girl with the recorder/piano combination was great. Unfortunately, I can barely hear her as well as the others from this website. All my volumes are up full blast as I quickly realized when I went to a non-musicnotes site that had an abundance of sound. }:-)

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