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chopinAccording to the Wikipedia entry on Chopin, “Chopin’s music for the piano combined a unique rhythmic sense (particularly his use of rubato), frequent use of chromaticism, and counterpoint. This mixture produces a particularly fragile sound in the melody and the harmony, which are nonetheless underpinned by solid and interesting harmonic techniques.

He took the new salon genre of the nocturne, invented by Irish composer John Field, to a deeper level of sophistication. Three of Chopin’s twenty-one Nocturnes were only published after his death in 1849, contrary to his wishes. He also endowed popular dance forms, such as the Polish mazurek and the Viennese waltz, with a greater range of melody and expression. Chopin was the first to write ballads and scherzi as individual pieces. He also took the example of Bach’s preludes and fugues, transforming the genre in his own Préludes.” is proud to feature this classical composer known for his emotionally-charged works on our classical sheet music page. We’ve added dozens of Chopin sheet music that you can download for your next concert or practice for our YouPerform Contest.

Choose from over one-hundred and ninety different arrangements of Chopin sheet music for your needs. Remember, many of these songs are Musicnotes Editions, too!

Did you Ask Musicnotes about Transpositions? Here’s our Answer!

question-mark Many of your questions that we received were related to transpositions for sheet music. Specifically, how can you get your sheet music transposed to the key that is more comfortable for you, your choir or your band to play.

When songs are written into sheet music, they’re frequently set in keys that are comfortable for most players and singers. If an “originally-recorded in” key is noted on the sheet, tries to offer you a corresponding transposition.

You can transpose many of our sheet music downloads at the time of your purchase, but at this time we don’t offer any tools that allow you to transpose the songs yourself. If you have a song that you want in a different key, we’ll be happy to transpose it for you! Just contact our Musicnotes Customer Service department and request your transposition. Make sure that you give us a little bit of advance notice when you’re requesting transpositions so we can ensure we’re hitting the “right notes.”

Watch for an upcoming post next week where we share more answers for Ask Musicnotes!

Sheet Music for U2 Album “No Line on the Horizon”

u2-no-line-on-the-horizonU2 made waves earlier last month with the release of their new album, No Line on the Horizon. The CD is a departure from what we’ve come to identify as “classic” U2, and embraces old sounds in new and innovative ways. From the upbeat Get Your Boots On to the lovely melody White As Snow, U2’s new musical venture highlights a potpourri of musical styles that range from 70s throwbacks to world music.

Now you can be a part of this musical journey by playing guitar tab or sheet music for No Line On the Horizon by U2. If you’re interested in learning more about U2’s new album, read Rolling Stone’s Review of No Line on the Horizon.

That’s all for this week’s edition of The Whole Note. Remember, stay sharp and keep practicing!

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