Meet our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place YouPerform Contest Winners is proud to present to you the three, talented musicians who won our YouPerform contest for March. March is the first month we awarded first, second and third place prizes, and we hope that for this month’s contest we’ll be able to do the same. (You can read our updated YouPerform contest rules for more information.)

All three of our winners played variations of the song Bunessan which is also referred to as Morning Has Broken. We had the chance to catch up with our winners, and we’d like to shine the spotlight on them as they talk about their experiences in music and their contest entry.

First Place Winner

Your first place winner in the contest was a talented musician named Rachel, who played the song as a “duet” with her performance of both the Irish whistle and the piano. Rachel taught herself how to play the piano and read music when she was six. Although she’s had formal piano training, Rachel taught herself how to play the Irish whistle about a year and a half ago. She’s currently learning how to play violin.

Excited to win, Rachel also talked a little bit about why she chose to play the arrangement the way she did. When we asked her why she chose the Irish whistle and the piano for her performance, she responded with:

“I decided to arrange Bunessan for Irish whistle and piano because I really like both instruments. I couldn’t decide between the two, so I did both. I also really like how the Irish whistle sounds with the piano. I’ve done the same thing with two other songs that my brother composed, except I recorded two Irish whistle tracks instead of one. We have a website with our music on it here:”

In Second Place

Playing for ten years, Renee took second place in our YouPerform contest. Many of you had enjoyed Renee’s piano performance of Bunessan, and from what we learned Renee has a bright future ahead of her. Renee loves music so much she’d like to go into the performing arts some day. When we asked her what she enjoyed the most about playing piano, she said: “I love to just start playing and forget about everything else for a while. I love just “being in the music” and feeling the beautiful harmonies.”

Renee also had some great advice for future YouPerform contestants:

I would just say to make it your own. It doesn’t have to be the exact rhythm or even the absolute perfect notes. Just play it now you feel it.

Just look at the first place winner. She completely made it her own and it was beautiful. Most of all have fun doing it! — RENEE, Second Place Winner

And in Third Place…

We take a trip around the world to the Philippines to bring you your third place winner. Wilma has been playing piano since she was eight years old, but eventually life got in the way of her music performance. Picking it up again, Wilma estimates she’s been playing for about twenty years. When we asked her how music is a part of her life, she mentioned that she’s a big movie buff and enjoys playing songs from movies. As Wilma put it, “Music is what makes life beautiful.”

We also asked her if she had any advice for people learning how to play piano. Wilma revealed that:

My advice is that you need to put a lot of effort in practicing, because that’s the way all piano players improve our playing skills. Also, it pays to learn how to read notes and not just play by ear. Both learning how to read sheet music and mastering how to play by ear are two great skills to learn in order to become an advanced keyboard player. –WILMA, Third Place Winner

Wilma also had some great advice to share regarding our contest. She said, “Don’t forget to put a personal touch into your playing to set your video apart from other entries who may be playing the same song.”

Watch the Winning Entries!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first-hand look into our music contestants as they describe their musical background and their thoughts on our contest. We encourage you to get inspired by their wining entries and can’t wait to watch your video entry for next month’s contest. For your enjoyment, watch the winning videos below.

httpv:// First Place Winner March 2009 YouPerform Contest
httpv:// Second Place Winner March 2009 YouPerform Contest httpv:// Third Place Winner March 2009 YouPerform Contest

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  1. I just wanted to congratulate both Renee and Wilma on winning second and third place. They both did really well, and had wonderful advice for piano players. I had a feeling that they would win. :)

  2. Lyn

    I’d like to enter the youperform contest in the near future, but first, I have a question:
    I saw that Danny Boy and The Water is Wide are both options on the Musicnotes Editions list, but I know different arrangements of those songs. If I perform one of the Musicnotes Editions pieces for the competition, can I do a different arrangement of the piece?

    • Monica

      Absolutely! You can offer different arrangements of the songs, as long as they are MN editions. We mentioned that in our contest rules as well. :)

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