Sessions to Help You Be Your Own Guitar Guru!

home_big_promo_guitarguruThink you’re well on your way to becoming a rock-n-roll guru? While the Guitar Guru Session for Stairway to Heaven remains our most popular Session, we’ve got a few surprises for you in our catalog that will challenge even the most experienced guitarist.

The nice thing about our Guitar Guru Sessions, is that you can choose songs to challenge yourself and your guitar playing skills. If you want to get better at playing the guitar, you’ll want to find songs that are more difficult than what you can master right now. For example, if you can play the “Advanced” Sessions that we offer, you might want to check out these Guru picks we’ve dubbed “Guitar God” for all you gurus out there.

These songs are guaranteed to qualify you as a “Guitar Guru.” Don’t forget, you get the tab along with the session so you can play these songs long after you learn them, too! Check back with us on Tuesday, May 26th for a new Green Day session and few other surprises.

Session TitlePerformerGenre
Time WarpBrad PaisleyCountry
ErotomaniaDream TheaterMetal
Peter GunnHenry ManciniJazz
Eugene’s Trick BagSteve VaiModern Rock
Groaning the BluesEric ClaptonBlues

Remember, our $1 off every Guru Session sale ends at midnight on May 31st, 2009 so don’t be afraid to grab an extra Session or two while the price is right. If you’ve got a song you want to learn how to play, you can suggest a Guitar Guru Session to us, too. Till next time, hope you’re having fun learning guitar!

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  1. Αριστείδης

    Stairway to Heaven is a Guitar Guru session. I like it …. Do some great thing

    Major scale ‘ name please
    Playing guitar scales

    Thank you !

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