Campfire Songs and our Free Sheet Music

marshmallow-campfire-songsIf you’re like many people, during the summertime or fall you might enjoy camping with your family somewhere in the wilderness. Whether you have an RV or a tent, you’ll probably light a fire when the sun goes down to enjoy the peacefulness of your trip.

Of course, no campfire would be “complete” without marshmallows roasting over the open flames or hot dogs grilling on a stick. But there’s often something else that goes along with campfires — and that is a good, campfire song that everybody knows the words to.

Many campfire songs have roots in folk music, like the ones you may find in our Campfire Folk Songs sheet music book or the The Folksong Fake Book. Other songs might have more of a contemporary feel, with lyrics that related to family-or-nature oriented topics in today’s culture.

Our free song for July is a nature-themed song that might be perfect for your next campfire. The free sheet music for July is And the Green Grass Grows All Around. This song is known as an additive or a cumulative song; for every refrain the lyrics “add” together. This song structure can be found in other children’s songs, too. Download And the Green Grass Grows All Around for free through July 31st.

In addition to our free song for July, there are several campfire songs on Here are some other campfire song titles you might recognize:

What other campfire songs do you recommend? Are there any songs that you would add to this abbreviated list?

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  1. Garnet Richards

    How about adding ‘Goodnight, Irene’ to the Campfire songs?

  2. Virgie Buhler

    how about Bowin’ in the Wind and Michael row the boat a shore?

  3. Jane

    Or instead of “On top of old Smokey” you have “On top of Spaghetti”! I also like “Christopher Columbus”. :-)

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