New Musicnotes Premieres and Sheet Music from Your Song Requests

sheet-music-suggestionCan you believe that summer is just about over? We’ve been getting through quite a few song requests and we’re happy to offer you a lot of new songs you’ve requested. For example, you might be interested in the song Only You Can Love Me This Way by Keith Urban. In addition to a lot of great, new titles, we’re pleased to announce several Musicnotes Premieres. For the first time, you can enjoy downloading digital sheet music for these favorite artists and songs that you’ve requested.

You may recall a while back we told you that Musicnotes and Tunecore Team Up To Offer Artist Sheet Music. We just added sheet music for A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope today. Ron is a popular artist that many of you have requested. Watch for more sheet music from Ron and other TuneCore artists including Gavin Mikhail and William Fitzsimmons.

Also on the new song requests front, you may remember we did an interview with Kevin Kern. Kevin had asked you to recommend which songs to put up from his new selection of sheet music. We’re proud to announce we have just added three new songs: Remembering the Light, Keepers of the Flame and Sweet Dreams, Helena.

Here is a list of some other artists we’ve added sheet music or new arrangements for:

Thank you to everyone who requested songs from If you’re interested, feel free to ask us to add sheet music for your favorite song or artist. Even though we can’t honor every request, we do read through and try to add as many of your requests as we can.

Happy practicing!

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