Mark the Anniversary of WWII with Music

WW II soldiersToday marks the seventieth anniversary of the beginning of World War II. Even though the 1940s were a tragic time in the world’s history, this was also a very important period for music, too. Popular songs were used to boost morale and entertain troops, but they were also written to fill the hearts of those waiting at home as well.

Performed by big bands, orchestras and solo artists, there are many memorable songs from the 1940s that continue to resonate through the years. For example, there are quite a few songs from the Irving Berlin sheet music repertoire from this period, as well as several more from the collection of sheet music for songs by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.

In addition to music written in this era, there is no shortage of powerful movie scores and songs for films set during this time period. Sheet music for Schindler’s List and the collection of songs from the Sound of Music are just two examples, but there are several others.

Here are some popular songs from this time period that we recommend:

If you haven’t already, be sure to read Before You Go a Patriotic Song’s Story, for a moving story behind a song written to honor veterans from WWII and other wars.

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