The Beatles: Rock Band Video Game Debut and Sheet Music

Beatles Rock BandSeptember 9, 2009 is an important day in the world of music. The debut of The Beatles: Rock Band will mark the first time The Beatles music will be available digitally. Additionally, two new Beatles boxed CD collections will also be released on the same day.

The release of The Beatles: Rock Band game is a technological wonder. In order to fit the songs into the Rock Band format, designers and technicians were required to separate a low quality, single track into high quality, multiple tracks that could be played and listened to. For the first time in a music game, players will also be able to harmonize their vocals, to sound more like The Beatles signature performances. The look and feel of the game is pretty amazing; be sure to check out the latest video game trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band. Fans might also be interested to know that Yoko Ono was part of the design process for the game; she offered her artistic input and feedback to ensure that the look and feel was authentic.

In this edition of Rock Band, players will follow The Beatles along a musical journey, stopping by places like the Ed Sullivan show or experience a psychedelic dream in an Abbey Road Dreamscape. The game’s historical reflection on The Beatles allows players to sing along and jam with songs like the challenging Good Morning Good Morning or the popular Can’t Buy Me Love, so they can get the most out of this timeless band’s music.

Besides the original set list of forty-five songs, players will be able to interact with previously unseen video footage, three-part harmonies, rare photographs, and a comprehensive biography. For more songs, over thirty additional titles will be available for download. Released in three sets through December, each song will be available to play or listen to.

The Beatles: Rock Band Sheet Music and Guitar Tab would like to highlight that our catalog of The Beatles sheet music contains every song featured in the video game and is available for instantaneous download. We also have over sixty Guitar Guru Sessions for The Beatles, including a corresponding guitar tab, with more on the way.

The songs below are grouped together by the venues available in The Beatles: Rock Band. Which songs from The Beatles are some of your favorites?

Created for one-to-six players, The Beatles: Rock Band offers music lovers a chance to re-create music history. For more information about this video game, be sure to visit the official website for The Beatles: Rock Band.

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  1. Joester

    “The Beatles: Rock Band” does not represent the first time The Beatles music will be available digitally. CDs (which are digital) of The Beatles have been available since 1987.

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