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GleeWhen Glee‘s pilot aired earlier last year, we fell in love with this musical comedy about an upbeat teacher who took over the glee club. Glee is back on the air, bringing you characters like the perfectionist Rachel Berry or the popular quarterback Finn. The story of the show is simple: Can the inexperienced Glee club hope to compete with the ever-popular cheerleading squad — the Cheerios — to reclaim their former glory? Will is planning to do whatever it takes to lift the glee club from obscurity and back into the spotlight again, by helping his students in any way he can. Presented with budget issues, marital troubles and school politics, Will needs a miracle to turn the group around.

Music on the show is a potpourri of songs from different decades, highlighting modern songs like Take A Bow, classic rock Don’t Stop Believin’, traditional glee club showtunes like Mr. Cellophane and more!

The show has been a hit with music lovers everywhere, and more than a few musicians and vocalists have been inspired to play songs from the show. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of sheet music from the show Glee. The show airs every Wednesday, so be sure to check back for more songs!

Thank you for expressing an interest in performing and singing songs from GLEE. The last episode of Season One, entitled Journey aired in the Spring. Explore a complete listing of songs featured on GLEE for Season One below. If you are hoping to find the choral arrangements, you can review the official arrangements performed by the GLEE cast.

If you would like to download the music performances, be sure to visit GLEE on Fox for more information.

Sheet Music for Songs from Glee: Season One

Love Theme from Glee

Episode One: Pilot

Episode Two: Showmance

Episode Three: Acafellas

Episode Four: Preggers

Episode Five: The Rhodes Not Taken

Episode Six: Vitamin D

Episode Seven: Throwdown

Episode Eight: Mash-Up

Episode Nine: Wheels

Episode Ten: Ballad

Episode Eleven: Hairography

Episode Twelve: Once Upon a Mattress

Episode Thirteen: Sectionals (Season Finale!)

Episode Fourteen: Hell-O

Episode Fifteen: The Power of Madonna

Episode Sixteen: Home

Episode Seventeen: Bad Reputation

Episode Eighteen: Laryngitis

Episode Nineteen: Dream On

Episode Twenty: Theatricality

Episode Twenty: Funk

Episode Twenty-One: Journey (Season Finale!)

For more information about the show, visit the official website for Glee. Not only can you watch clips and previous episodes on the website, you can also read more about the characters and the music featured in the show.

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  1. Kaylah

    When they sing on glee its totally awesome

    • mark

      glee is the best program on the tv :)

  2. Kaylah

    It incorporates great mixes to music and great voices

  3. Glee does a better job with each song than the original artists do!

  4. Tay

    I hope they release a book of music with the Glee arrangments in all their harmonies.

  5. Dylan

    I hope you guys realise that they’re mouthing all the songs

    • Jessie

      They are mouthing they songs, but those actors still sing the songs. They just don’t sing them when they film

    • Sarah

      It is better mouthing to songs they have already recorded than someone else singing all together or their pitching off or it sounding all wierd when they are jumping up and down! Most pop stars mouth when they sing to pre recorded tracks when they are on things like x factor or it could sound like rihanna (out of breath! lol) xxxxxx I <3 glee

    • Marissa

      on tv they have to, to record it… your an idiot if you didnt know that!
      how do you think they make music videos… they aren’t actually singing while recording the music videos either!

  6. Jessica

    i LOVEEEEEEEEEE glee(: i watch all the episodes(: even though they lip sing, its still amazingg(:

    • Doug

      It’s still their voices in the studio, pre recording in a studio makes it a whole lot easier, and in the end their voices will sound much better. It’s not like it’s not their voice..

  7. df

    they are lip singing in the show..but they record it earlier. the actors and actresses are the ones singing and the voices put in.

  8. Vocal Music Teacher

    The correct term is “Lip Sync”, not lip sing…

    • Cat

      you are very right it is Lip Sync

  9. CARL

    just to tell you all Episode Thirteen was Not the season Finale it was the Fall Finale it will start back in april for another 10 episodes!!!!

  10. Sarah

    I love this song and glee and it is soooooooooooooooooo good! they are amazing singers!

  11. James

    i think that glee is the most amazing show ever. so what that they lip sync.?? if they really sang when acting then the songs would be really crummy… i think they do an amazing job!!!!:D ….I <3 Glee!!!:D

  12. haley

    when are you going to put up the new ones from episode 14. I would really like to get ahold of the one done with jonathan groff.. please and thank you:)

    • Monica

      Hi Haley, the songs are available for you to download. Looks like next week’s episode is a Madonna one.

  13. meggie

    i love glee it is the best all my mates wach it

  14. Kay Kay

    i love glee alot dont get me wrong, But are they really singing?

  15. Lizzie

    They have to mime because it would sound bad on the film if they didn’t-the pitch would be all over the place as if you were recording soemone singing with an mp3 player! The actors really do sing though-they record it first-just like High School musical,camp Rock and many films/shows x

  16. Taylor

    I LOVE GLEE! i wish i was rachel!! and Finn is soooo cute..i want to sing everything from glee!!!

  17. Karin

    @ Jessie, Sarah, df, Lizzie
    How do you know that they are actually singing and it is not someone else; sometimes the singing voice sounds TOTALLY different from their actual voice….Where you there when they recorded it?

    • Doug

      Were you there when other people recording it? No? Then shut it, you just made yourself sound stupid.

  18. Rosa

    i LOVE Glee it in my opinion is the best show ever their singing is so precise and awesome im 10 by the way :]

  19. stephinie

    wow. glee is soooooo good. ive seen every episode ever :) plus ive been playing piano for 7 years and this a great ooportunity!!!

  20. Kaymieshell

    I’m lovin GLEE! It makes me miss high school and singing with all my friends. But watching it I can’t decide who’s hotter, Finn or Puck??? I’m torn!

  21. glee gives twist and flavor to a song. I’m a glee club member once and basically enjoying singing songs as a group… in four parts of course…

  22. Sarah

    Jesse’s girl is not by Rick Springsteen! It’s by Rick SpringFIELD!! >_<

  23. Carolina

    Me encanta Glee, es una de las series que mas inspiración me ha traido a nivel artístico ya que ahora practico sus canciones y intento mejorar escuchandolos a ellos/as.
    Una pasada de serie. :D


    Wheres ‘Lucky’?!?!?!?

  25. georgia

    do u know where i can find the sheet music from glee for pokerface

  26. Joanne

    I hate glee even though i am singing it in a show

  27. Madi

    I <3 Glee but I wish they had te Christmas music from season 2
    Glee ROCKS!!

  28. Lindz


    Thank you so much for putting this on your site!! Would you be willing to do the same for the current episodes of the Second season of GLEE?

  29. bailey

    GLEE IS THE BEST!!!!! WHERE IS THRILLER??? best of there songs!!!!!

  30. take it from someone who has been in Chorus since she was in the 5th grade. This isnt easy. and the cast on Glee work their butts off, i guarantee it. we do something called Dinner Theatre for the last part of second semester and it takes forever to memorize music, and dances. I give it up for these guys, their my hereos(: i havent missed a show yet!

  31. Lucy

    i really need the sheet music for “i feel pretty unpretty” glee
    for guitar

  32. lauryn

    they dont lip sync my sister she works with all the technical stuff to do with glee and they actually sing it but all of the bits that might go wrong the clear up

  33. lauryn

    but some songs they must lip sync you can tell they do when brittney sings tic tok and the brittney spears ones and rachel when she sings only child

  34. Jason

    Yes its prerecorded but the cast of Glee have had plenty of live performances. Most of the cast have had Broadway experience too. You can also look on Youtube to see their actual show live auditions.

  35. Emma

    Glee is tottaly awesome!!!!!

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  37. gilly

    i know the guy who is on glee tonight he went to my sisters highschool

  38. I do consider all of the ideas you have presented to your post. They’re really convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for beginners. May you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  39. Laura Clark

    Is there the sheet music for ‘on our way’ – Glee version on this website? I would love to do it with my choir at school, but wouldn’t be able to write my own sheet music! Here is the glee performance of the song

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