Ghosts, Vampires and Halloween Sheet Music!

Jack O LanternsIsn’t it hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner? Whether you’re carving Jack-o’-lanterns or visiting a haunted house, don’t forget that October is the perfect time to tickle your ivories with some spooky Halloween songs!

One song you might be interested in reading more about is our post about the Monster Mash song history. Monster Mash is one of several songs featured on our Halloween sheet music page, and it’s also one of the Top 25 Best-Selling Halloween Songs from 2007, too.

From Harry Potter sheet music to Creepy Theme Songs from Old TV Shows, we have a huge selection of Halloween sheet music for you to enjoy.

Check out these brand new creepy songs from some of your favorite Halloween movies!

Also new to is our broad selection of Twilight sheet music, too!

25 Top-Selling Halloween Songs from 2008 Halloween LogoStill not sure what you might want to play or sing for Halloween? We’d like to share with you the twenty-five most popular Halloween songs from last year. This list of songs represents the best-selling sheets from our site. There are some interesting songs in this list, many of which come from movies like THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

If you’re looking for a great way to save money, we’d also like to point out that two of our Halloween sheet music collections are really popular. First, there’s the complete collection of sheet music from Tim Burton’s THE NIGHMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, which offers all of your favorite songs from the movie. Next, our collection of Songs for a Spooky Halloween offers you a broad selection of nine Halloween songs for you to enjoy.

Here are the twenty-five most popular songs from last year. Are there any Halloween songs on this list that you love to play?

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