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Isn’t it amazing how spooky a piano can be? Songwriters have been composing piano sheet music for everything from creepy TV shows to somber classical music. There are quite a few movies with eerie theme songs like Tubular Bells from THE EXORCIST or the Main Theme from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN.

There are also quite a few songs that weren’t initially written to be used in scary movies, but were used to highlight different scenes. ZOMBIELAND is one example of a film that uses several existing songs. (If you’re interested, we have quite a bit of ZOMBIELAND sheet music that you can look through.) In ZOMBIELAND’s case, the music is a combination of an original score and existing songs. That phenomenon actually happens more often than you might think, which is why multiple soundtracks for a film might be released. If you ever want to find out what songs have been used in your favorite movie, you might want to check the Internet Movie DataBase (IMDb) for fun film facts and song information, if it’s available. You might be surprised to see what types of classical pieces or popular songs have been used in the background.

Music in slasher films or darker movies can be pretty challenging for songwriters to write, because the melody has to help set the tone for the movie or contribute to the mood. For example, the Theme Song from EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, which was composed by Danny Elfman, immediately gave the film an almost gothic, dark fairytale feel. On the other hand, the song Coconut used in PRACTICAL MAGIC ended up being part of the story.

Here at Musicnotes, one of the most popular collection of movie songs, is the sheet music from NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Of course, CORPSE BRIDE is pretty popular, too, but Jack Skellington continues to be an annual Halloween favorite for many of you.

For other interesting films, we recommend taking a peek at this selection of sheet music from Halloween movies and TV shows:

Be sure to check out our Halloween sheet music page for more song suggestions including sheet music perfect for kids, too!

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