On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Save 40% Off of “Pat-a-Pan”

12 Days of Christmas_FiveDo you hear the playful beat of a drum or the cheerful sound of a flute? Today’s song-of-the-day is a Christmas carol written between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries entitled Pat-a-Pan.

To celebrate the fifth day of Christmas, download any Musicnotes Edition arrangement of “Pat-a-Pan” at forty percent off its original price. Our selection includes a piano/vocal/guitar arrangement that you can transpose to your desired key. To take part in the sale, please browse our Musicnotes Editions arrangements of Pat-a-Pan. As we pointed out in the details below, the sale price may not be reflected in the search results. So be sure to click on the song that you want to see a preview of your song and your savings.

Written by French composer Bernard de La Monnoye (1641-1728), the song Pat-a-Pan was composed for a collection of Burgundian Christmas carols. Immensely popular, Pat-a-Pan is a Christian Christmas carol that describes the birth of Christ from the shepherd’s perspective. The words “pat-a-pan” are an example of an onomatopoeia. This group of syllables was specifically written to describe the sound a drum makes. Recently, David Archuleta recorded a version of Pat-a-Pan for his newly released Christmas CD.

We hope you enjoy this limited-time only sale on the Burgundian Christmas carol, Pat-a-Pan.

About the Musicnotes 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Each week day from now until Friday, December 25th, Musicnotes.com will highlight one Christmas song on our blog from our collection of Musicnotes Editions. We will offer that unique title for forty percent off the original price for one day.

The original price of a Musicnotes Edition arrangement ranges from $1.95 for leadsheets up to $6.95 for other arrangements including our Guitar Guru Sessions with corresponding guitar tab. The forty percent off sale would allow you to enjoy a one-day only sale price of approximately $1.20 to $2.80 on a single particular Christmas arrangement. Please note that your sale price will appear on the song itself, and not in the search results.

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We will feature one song every week day from now through Christmas. On Christmas Day, we will offer you a gift of an additional Christmas free sheet music download that was not included in this sale.

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Be sure to check the Musicnotes.com Blog for tomorrow’s one-day only sale! For more value-added sheet music, be sure to browse our selection of Christmas Musicnotes Editions.

We hope you enjoy our Musicnotes 12 Days of Christmas and hope you have fun celebrating the holiday with music!

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