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When was the last time you fell in love with a romantic song? From action flicks like ARMAGEDDON to comedies like BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY, music has played a huge part in highlighting romantic scenes. With Valentine’s Day just around in the corner, we’ve come up with thirty-five of our favorite movie love songs from these films.

1. GHOST (1990) – Starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. In GHOST, Patrick Swayze’s character dies after a botched mugging and returns as a ghost to resolve unfinished business. His fiancée is played by Demi Moore. Our pick: Unchained Melody.

2. DIRTY DANCING (1987) – Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. This film, about “forbidden love,” takes place at a summer resort. Baby, played by Jennifer Grey, falls in love with Patrick Swayze’s character, a dancer. Our pick: (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life.

3. NOTTING HILL (1999) – Starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. – In this movie, a mild-mannered bookstore owner, played by Hugh Grant, falls for a celebrity, played by Julia Roberts. Our Pick: She.

4. PRETTY WOMAN (1990) – Starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. – In this modern-day fairy tale, Julia Roberts plays a woman on the streets who falls in love with a rich businessman, played by Richard Gere. Our Pick: It Must Have Been Love.

5. YOU’VE GOT MAIL (1998) – Starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. – This romantic comedy is about two business rivals who wind up falling in love over the Internet. Our Pick: Anyone at All.

6. ARMAGEDDON (1998) – Starring Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler – This action movie is about a drill team, led by Bruce Willis, that must travel in space to demolish an asteroid before it hits earth. The young couple in the film is played by Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler. Our Pick: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.

7. THE WEDDING PLANNER (2001) – Starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez – This movie is about a wedding planner, played by Jennifer Lopez, who winds up falling for a groom-to-be. Our Pick: Somewhere My Baby Waits for Me.

8. LOVE ACTUALLY (2003) – Starring Liam Neeson and Keira Knightley – This movie follows the story of several, different couples as they run around frantically a month before Christmas. Set in London, England. Our Pick: Too Lost In You

9. BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY (2001) – Starring Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant – Bridget Jones is one of the few, the proud, the single. This film focuses on Bridget’s quest for “true love.” Our Pick: Not Of This Earth.

10. SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE (1993) – Starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan – A young boy tries to help his grieving father find love in this long-distance love story. Our Pick: When I Fall in Love.

11. THE WEDDING SINGER (1998) – Starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler – A wedding singer, trying to move on after a break-up, ends up falling for a bride-to-be. Our Pick: Hold Me Now.

12. ENCHANTED (2007) – Starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey – In this modern-day fairy tale story turned upside-down, an animated fairy tale princess is thrown into the real world when she’s cursed by an evil witch. Our Pick: Ever Ever After.

13. CITY OF ANGELS (1998) – Starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan – In this moving story, an angel, played by Nicholas Cage, falls for a doctor, played by Meg Ryan, while he visits Earth. Our Pick: Iris.

14. TITANIC (1997) – Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet – This blockbuster movie told the story of the sinking of the Titanic from a survivor’s point-of-view. Our Pick: My Heart Will Go On.

15. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY (1989) – Starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan – In this film, two friends that have known each other for a long time worry about take that “next step.” Our pick: It Had To Be You.

16. THE BODYGUARD (1992) – Starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston – Whitney Houston plays a diva who’s received death threats and hires a bodyguard, played by Kevin Costner. Our Pick: I Will Always Love You.

17. AVATAR (2009) – Starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana – This blockbuster 3D film is about a marine who has to decide whether to follow orders or protect Pandora. Our Pick: I See You.

18. ENDLESS LOVE (1981) – Starring Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt – This film is about the love between two high school students and the circumstances surrounding their relationship. Our Pick:
Endless Love.

19. LOVE AND BASKETBALL (2000) – Starring Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan – This love story takes place both on-and-off the court, following the lives of two basketball players. Our Pick: Love and Happiness.

20. TERMS OF ENDEARMENT (1983) – Starring Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson – This exploratory film covers several years of a mother’s and daughter’s life, and how they each find love in very different ways. Our pick: Terms of Endearment.

21. ONCE (2006) – Starring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova – Based on a musical, this movie is about music and falling in love on the streets of Dublin. Our Pick: Falling Slowly.

22. TWILIGHT (2008) – Starring Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart – Based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer, a teenage girl falls in love with a vampire. Our Pick: Bella’s Lullaby.

23. FOOTLOOSE (1984) – Starring Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer – A boy from the city, played by Kevin Bacon, encounters a culture clash when he lands in a small town where dancing and rock-n-roll has been banned. Our Pick: Almost Paradise.

24. ST ELMO’S FIRE (1985) – Starring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe – After graduating college, a group of young adults have a hard time adjusting to life as an adult. Our Pick: Love Theme from St. Elmo’s Fire.

25. AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN (1982) – Starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger – With the help of his girlfriend, a young man pursues his dream of becoming an aviator at a Navy Flight school. Our Pick: Up Where We Belong.

26. AGAINST ALL ODDS (1984) – Starring Rachel Ward and Jeff Bridges – An ex-football player is hired by a gangster to find his girlfriend. Our Pick: Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now).

27. WAITING TO EXHALE (1995) – Starring Whitney Houston and Gregory Hines – Based on a novel written by Terry McMillan, this romantic film follows the lives of four, very different women. Our Pick: Exhale (Shoop, Shoop, Shoop).

28. HOPE FLOATS (1998) – Starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. – A divorcee, played by Sandra Bullock, returns home after a messy divorce. Our Pick: When You Love Someone.

29. ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES (1991) – Starring Kevin Costner and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio – This modern remake of Robin Hood highlights the relationship between Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Our Pick: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You.

30. WEST SIDE STORY (1961) – Starring Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer – In this musical, a couple hailing from two, rival gangs falls in love. Our Pick: Tonight.

31. THE LION KING (1994) – Starring Matthew Broderick and Moira Kelly – In this full-length animated film, a young lion cub, who thought he was responsible for the death of his father, must face his past and return home to become king. Our Pick: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?.

32. MOULIN ROUGE (2001) – Starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor – This musical film is about a poet who falls in love with a beautiful courtesan promised to an evil duke. Our Pick: Come What May.

33. ROMEO AND JULIET (1996) – Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes – This modern re-make explores a different take on Shakespeare’s classic play “Romeo and Juliet.” Our Pick: Kissing You.

34. DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (1965) – Starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie – Set during the Bolshevik Revolution, a married man falls for a political activist’s wife. Our Pick: Lara’s Theme (Somewhere My Love).

35. THE NOTEBOOK (2005) – Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams – A young man and a socialite fall in love, but encounter difficulties because their financial backgrounds are so different. Our Pick: (Main Title) from “The Notebook”.

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