New! More Official Arrangements from GLEE

Have you been enjoying the musical-comedy television series GLEE? We’re excited to announce that we have more official arrangements of sheet music from this Golden Globe Award-winning TV series. They have been arranged for piano, voice and guitar in Musicnotes popular “Singer Pro” format. To learn more about our Singer Pro sheet music, be sure to read our post entitled, “Deciphering Singer Pro Sheet Music and Finding Your Vocal Range.”

In addition to its huge popularity in the US, GLEE has attracted a wide fan base in the UK and is popular with audiences of all ages from X FACTOR-obsessed teens to musical-loving grannies. A critic from The Guardian has described it in a recent article entitled Why Glee Will Rock You. Johnny Dee wrote that “Not a guilty pleasure. Just a pleasure […] like a great big scoop of television-flavoured ice cream (with sprinkles).” The popularity of the show is evident from its influence on other entertainment programmes in the UK. For example X FACTOR winner Joe McElderry performed Don’t Stop Believing during the show’s finale.

Not only is the show making a smash in the TV schedules, it’s also causing waves in the music charts. Songs by the Glee Cast had sold 2.5 million downloads in the U.S.A. by the 8th episode of the first season. With a cast tour of the U.S. announced for the summer of 2010, the popularity of the show continues to increase.

Browse the official arrangements of sheet music performed by the Glee Cast.

If you’re interested in other songs from the television show GLEE, we have sheet music for most of the songs from Season One. This broad catalog of sheet music may not match the same performances from the show; the arrangements that match the performances list “Glee Cast” as a performer.

You can read Glee Sheet Music for Songs From the TV Show and quickly scan the list to see what we have available for you to download.

What have been your favourite performances on GLEE? What songs would you like to see performed by the cast?

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