Scott Joplin and Free “Stoptime Rag” Sheet Music

Scott Joplin is an American songwriter who was born in the late 1860s who wrote over forty compositions, including two operas and a ballet. Most of these compositions were written in a musical style known as “ragtime.” Ragtime, which is also referred to as “ragged time,” surged in popularity during the late 1890s and remained a favorite style of music until the early 1920s. Joplin often referred to himself as the “King of Ragtime.” Many consider Joplin’s best-selling composition of Maple Leaf Rag as one of the songs that defined ragtime as a musical style.

Ragtime’s importance as a musical genre can be seen through its influence on early jazz. Although there was a ragtime revival in the 1940s, the genre was eventually reintroduced to the modern public through the 1970s movie THE STING. Several ragtime songs were performed in the movie including The Entertainer, which was composed by Scott Joplin.

If you want to take a trip back in time to an important era in American music, we recommend listening to or performing these titles from Scott Joplin’s repertoire.

Or, feel free to browse sheet music by Scott Joplin to find the arrangement that you’re looking for.

Other composers of ragtime music include Joseph Lamb, James Scott, Jelly Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, Charles L. Johnson, Tom Turpin, May Aufderheide and several others.

Download Stoptime Rag for Free!

In April, you can download Stoptime Rag for free at This particular rag is one of Scott Joplin’s later compositions and has been arranged for piano and guitar. Stoptime Rag is characterized by a musical technique known as “stop-time,” which creates the illusion that the song is starting and stopping. In this particular work, this technique was employed by Joplin to indicate cues to dancers.

We hope you enjoy your free arrangement of Stoptime Rag. Thanks for reading!

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