What Musicnotes.com Has Been Working On For You

If you’ve been a customer of Musicnotes.com for some time now, you’re probably aware that we’re continually making changes to improve your shopping experience when you order songbooks or download sheet music.  Over the last few months we’ve made quite a bit of changes to the site that we feel you’ll be really interested to learn about. Many of these changes came as a result of a survey thousands of you filled out to share your thoughts about our business.

Easier Ways to Shop

One of the biggest changes we’ve put in place over the last few months is something geared toward our new customers. When you browse our site, you are no longer required to install our Musicnotes software to purchase most digital sheet music titles on the site. 

We made this decision because we heard from customers that they did not want to install our software to shop the site.  Our software is still required to print your sheet music, but now you can browse our catalog of digital sheet music and purchase it from any computer. For example, if your work computer does not allow you to install software, you can now shop Musicnotes.com during your lunch break. Then, when you get home, all you’ll have to do is log in to your Musicnotes account, go to your previous orders, and print the music you purchased earlier in the day.

Additionally, we have also enabled all of our customers to browse, preview and purchase digital sheet music from any web-enabled mobile device including your cell phone or iPad. In order to print your music you’ll need to log in to your account on a PC or Mac, but now you can purchase sheet music from pretty much anywhere.  It’s great for those times when you’re out a restaurant, hear a song and think “I really want to learn that!”

New Opportunities to Save on Sheet Music

Another thing we’ve done recently is offer you several new ways to save on your digital sheet music, guitar tab and Guitar Guru Sessions. For starters, we revisited our volume discount and now offer savings when you purchase as few as two songs in the same order.

Our new digital volume discount works as follows:

– Buy 2-3 digital titles in a single order: Save 10%
– Buy 4-5 digital titles in a single order: Save 15%
– Buy 6 or more digital titles in a single order: Save 20%

Along the same lines, we’ve also made it easier for you to find out what current sales and promotions we’re running on the site by listing them all in one place. We recommend bookmarking our “Current Sales and Promotions” page so you can see more ways to save on the songs you want to buy.

New Songs and More Instruments

One of our goals at Musicnotes.com is to provide digital sheet music for all types of musicians and vocalists — including people who play a woodwind, string or brass instrument. As a result, we’ve been expanding our weekly new sheet music catalog to include new songs that focus on choral arrangements and different instrumentation.

Due to our efforts over the past year, last summer we made some changes to our navigation on the site to allow you to browse sheet music for all major instruments quickly and easily.

Larger Focus on Transpositions

Did you know that Musicnotes.com offers you the ability to change the key of a song?  In less than a year, we’ve more than doubled the amount of songs that you can purchase transpositions for. The transposition feature for songs that we arrange are available for songs with a blue or a green Musicnotes icon. We structured these transpositions as a separate piece of sheet music rather than a calculated algorithm to ensure that your notation won’t crash when you try to interact with it. Our goal is to continue to expand our library of transposable titles, but to also continue to provide the highest quality of notation possible to ensure your sheet music is accurate.  Currently, all of our most popular songs are available for you to transpose and there are a lot more on the way.

What’s Next for Customers Like You?

Our plans for the rest of the year are to continue concentrating on the items we listed above and to add some new features that we think you’ll really enjoy. Here’s a sneak preview of our upcoming projects:

  • Musicnotes Sheet Music Viewer for iPad — A few months ago we mentioned that we will be releasing an iPad app to allow you to view your Musicnotes sheet music library on the iPad. We expect this to be available within the next few weeks. If you’re interested, be sure to click through to learn more about sheet music from Musicnotes.com on the iPad.
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience forYou — A lot of you have filled out your Musicnotes preferences in the past, and we’ve been using that to give you an experience more tailored to your experiences as a musician.  There is, however, a lot more that we could do – and we aim to do it. In the coming months expect your Musicnotes experience to be much more relevant to what you are looking for, both based on your preferences as well as where you are in the world. We have a few other things we’ll be rolling out, but as of right now it’s too early to tell.
  • Advanced Search — If you’re a regular user of Musicnotes, you may know that our current search system is quite powerful. You can enter in any number of different key terms to get a relevant result, but this functionality is not all that obvious. For example, you can type in “gershwin summertime flute” to find a flute version of Summertime by Gershwin. We’re proud to announce that we will be offering you an enhanced Advanced Search system.  Soon you’ll be able to search for your favorite song by any combination of keywords that include: performer, composer, songwriter, genre, notation, scoring, instrumentation, etc. We think that this will allow you to find your desired arrangement more easily so you can buy and print it, and do what you come to Musicnotes for in the first place: to play the song.

So, that’s some of what we’ve been up to for the past year. Our purpose is to help you learn to play songs, and our goal is to make that as easy as possible.  We’re here to help.

If there’s anything else you’d like from us, no matter how pie in the sky, we’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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  1. Alice Tolle

    please thanks for the improvement you have done on our favourite website. But I keep on wondering, when will you allow some customers from countries like kenya to use “Mpesa” to purchase music over the internet?

    • Monica

      Thanks for your feedback. Internationalization is one of the topics that we are discussing internally and will definitely keep you in the loop if we reach any new decisions on that front. For now, we offer several ways for our international customers to buy sheet music through us including PayPal, Google Checkout and most major credit cards.

  2. Katie Bowman

    I LOVE all of the new improvements to musicnotes.com! I also am wondering if you consider bringing back the YouPerform contests. I am a “new” (reasonably anyways) and did not find out about them until today. I would be THRILLED to have the opportunity to possibly win gift certificates to your website by doing what I like best. Please consider bringing this AMAZING contest back!

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