A Revolution in Sheet Music: The New Musicnotes.com iPad App

MADISON, WI – October 6, 2010 – Musicnotes.com, the leading digital sheet music retailer and publisher, announced today a new release of its free iPad app, designed to allow musicians to import, manage and interact with their Musicnotes.com digital sheet music library on the popular mobile device.

The app provides Musicnotes.com’s customers the ability to interact with their sheet music on their iPad by synchronizing it with their existing Musicnotes.com account. Once songs are downloaded to the iPad, they are stored locally on the device, allowing musicians to play their sheet music even if they are unable to access the Internet.

Features in this release include:

  • The ability to instantly transpose the key of the sheet music
  • A new mark-up tool to draw, highlight, and type on your sheet music
  • Set lists and folders for managing your sheet music library
  • Access to the Musicnotes.com “Free Song of the Month”
  • Customizable backgrounds (paper types)
  • A fully redesigned interface, including Cover Flow

“With this release, our goal was to enable musicians to do anything they would want to do with traditional printed music, but to eliminate the problems inherent in using paper as a medium,” said Bill Aicher, Musicnotes Direct of Web and Marketing. “Not only can musicians store their entire music library on their iPad, but they can mark-up their notation, instantly change keys to something more suited to their range and abilities, and even put songs together into one continuous playlist to make performing easier.”

Anyone who downloads the app also receives sheet music for five free bonus songs, allowing them the opportunity to sample the app and all of its features.

The app is available now at the iTunes app store. Learn more at musicnotes.com/ipad

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  1. Gary heigl

    Will you be updating the iPad app to allow playback of a score?

      • Michael

        The playback feature should be a priority. As it stands, the only useful feature is the ability to sync existing digital purchases and view them on the iPad. This app could really stand out from other sheetmusic viewers and drive more business to the site if there was a playback feature. It is an essential learning tool for novice musicians who might find it difficult to read music (yes, I include myself in the category).

  2. Den

    Does it have the ability to scroll/change pages at a certain assigned/default speed?

  3. Albert

    I think it would be nice if you find something to avoid having to touch the screen for page turning.
    Maybe if you add something similar to a visual metronom, pages would automatically turn at the correct time…. I don’t know maybe you could use, instead or added, a slow motion movement of the whole sheet. In that case differences between metronom and real play time wouldn’t affect the reading.
    Congratulations for your idea. I’ve been waiting a long time for a sheet music e-book to come :)

  4. S W Ferguson III

    I’m purchasing an iPad next month. The only reason I’m doing this is so I can put all my music in one place and not have to carry 4 binders of music. I’m a Musicnotes member now and I think you site is great.

    My question is how do I load sheet music I already have to the app? Is there a way to do that? As I mentioned earlier I have binders of music I will need to also include in the app. I think I read that it is possible. Thanks

  5. Lorel

    Is it possible to scan in existing sheet music to make it useable on music notes?

  6. Aaron

    Will it “hear” when you reach the last measure of a page and turn it for you?

  7. Paboiler

    Will this app work with my Macbook? Do I have to buy an ipad for this?

  8. Name (required)

    Can I print my score if I need to do that on the go

  9. esti

    the viewer is great, but the player/learning tool is invaluable. It’s a shame that tool is not imbedded in the app. that would be so helpful

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