New Feature: Browse All Arrangements of a Song

As a musician, you know not every arrangement is the right one for your particular needs. Perhaps you need a song arranged for a particular instrument, as performed by a certain artist, or in a specific notation like tab or leadsheet format, etc.

With all these different possible iterations of a song, finding the right one in our search results can be a rather involved task. Sure, the categories on the left side of search results are useful for helping to narrow things down, as are the descriptions in the search results and the instant previews of the sheet music, but even then it can be difficult to find the right one.

This is why we’re happy to announce we’ve recently added a new feature to our site to make it easier to browse all arrangements of a specific song.  Now, once you’ve found the song you’re looking for, if the sheet music isn’t quite the arrangement you wanted you can easily see all the other arrangements available – directly from the product display page.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to a product display page on our site (example: this arrangement of “Hallelujah“).
  2. Look in the column to the right of the sheet music preview.
  3. If additional arrangements are available, you’ll now see a text link that says “Or, see other arrangements of this song.”
  4. Note: This link will be located under the keys for transpositions, or if no transpositions exist, under the Quick Details section.)
    Where to Click for Arrangements
  5. If more arrangements are available, just click the “Or, see other arrangements of this song” link.
  6. You’ll get a window listing all other arrangements. You can preview them using the magnifying glass or go directly to the product by clicking the row listing the arrangement.

We hope this new tool helps make it easier for you to find the arrangement right for you. Of course, not all songs have multiple arrangements – but now that we’ve made it easier to browse them we’ll be better equipped to start offering more arrangements of specific songs on the site.

Please note this feature only applies to downloadable sheet music arrangements.

Have any questions or comments? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Marilyn Bradel

    Thank you for this new browsing tool. It’s wonderful and I think it will get rid of a lot of the problems that I was having. Again, thank you.

  2. Heather Faris

    I was looking for a duet version of Without You from Rent, and since you only allow us to see the first page and the duet part comes in later, I don’t know if the duet part is included. Is there any way we could see or hear the whole song before we buy it?

  3. Rob Lineback

    Haven’t tried it yet, but I hope the feature lets you browse the entire arrangement. I bought printed sheet music for “Maple Leaf Rag” online from some company (it actually shipped in the mail) and discovered later that it only contained the first two of the three major themes that comprise it.

  4. Marlene Brilz

    I like all the changes you have made, especially this one to view all arrangements on the same pge, a real time saver.
    Thanks, Marlene.

  5. Margaret Northway

    Fantastic, what a time saver. Now I wont have to spend a few minutes transposing church music, which in some instances is far to high in octave range for us average singers.

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