Great audition songs to land you the part.

40 MORE Audition Songs for the Stage

Need a musical piece for your school or college tryout?  Searching for a number suited to the part you’re looking to land? Musicnotes is back to help with 40 MORE songs to prepare for musical theater auditions. Following up on our popular “40+ Songs for Stage and Show Auditions” post,  we’ve again consulted with multiple auditioners who’ve worked on professional  productions of all sizes to bring you this extensive list of 40 great (think: not overused) audition pieces for the stage. What’s more, we’ve selected these works from 40 different shows, meaning even if one doesn’t seem like quite the right fit, you can explore a bit further to find the song that will get you the part!

Some of the suggestions below are lesser-known audition numbers from well-known shows, while others are gems from more obscure productions. We’ve also tried to compile an assortment of ranges and moods, ensuring you’ll find the perfect audition piece to fit your tryout. Additionally, many of the following sheet music arrangements offer key transposition after purchase. Look for a scoring of Piano/Vocal/Chords Singer Pro, and find our more about of Singer Pro sheet music here.

The most important task, other than finding a great audition song, is to be prepared for your audition. Be sure it’s a song you love that highlights your fantastic talents, and the rest will fall into place. So, presenting to you without further ado, 40 songs for stage auditions.

15 Audition Songs for Female Lead Vocalists

For contralto to soprano vocalists, we’ve gathered songs from a wide variety of shows. Simply click the song title to see the sheet music! We’ve also included a link to a video of the song being performed. Consider the following for your next audition:

Uptempo songs:


15 Audition Songs for Male Lead Vocalists

Explore this outstanding variety of sheet music from 15 different shows that make great audition pieces for tenor, baritone and bass voices. Again, the song title links to the sheet music and the we’ve added a video link (when available) for your convenience.

Uptempo Songs:


10 Audition Songs for Kids and Teens

Need great audition songs for younger performers? This list is appropriate for all ages, and includes auditions for girls and boys. Take a look at the video link for inspiration, and click the song title to download the sheet music instantly.

Are you looking for a particular song not on this list? Chances are the sheet music is available at You’ll find the absolute largest selection of officially licensed, downloadable audition sheet music, including pieces from off-broadway shows, brand-new shows and all the classics you’ll enjoy singing again and again. Shop our Broadway Sheet Music Store, to find your next showstopper today!

We’d Love to Hear from You

Do you have a ‘lucky’ audition piece that you especially enjoy using? Is there another lesser-known show that contains numbers well-suited to auditioning? Please share your expertise with fellow readers in the comments below!

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  1. Tim

    I love the song choice but coming from a teenager… most of these songs aren’t “new” to the audition world. Many of them are overdone audition songs. Although some of them a GREAT songs and would make for a wonderful audition piece, you might want to re-look the title “40 New Audition Songs for the Stage” or just look for more modern/undiscovered songs.

    • Thank you for the feedback, Tim, we agree with your suggestion and will update the title. And be sure to keep an eye out for future audition suggestions from new-er/modern shows. Thanks again!

    • lele

      You’re right, I have no idea what songs these are

  2. April Nickells

    I am trying to find a song that is easy to sing no matter what the vocalist is. if you know one in both English and Korean i would love it if you could add some like that i would be most thankful.

  3. Laina enghland

    Thanks for the songs I would add the song I won’t give up though it is my lucky auditioning piece and it’s not that tricky to learn

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  5. Abigail

    As a musical theater geek, I know that more obscure songs are better for auditions because chances are they’ve heard the song from one girl or another.

    Another Hundred People from Company is great for belters,
    Pulled from Addams Family is also a quirky, fun song for belters,
    Everything’s Coming Up Roses from Gypsy is great for shows like Funny Girl for belters
    The Worst Pies in London from Sweeney Todd is good, too.

    Send in the Clowns from A Little Night Music is a classic yet not overused, so it’s good for auditions
    Tell Me On A Sunday from Song and Dance is good for sopranos.
    I love Everybody Loves Louis from Sunday in the Park with George :)
    And Don’t Cry for me Argentina from Evita is great for belters and sopranos (and my personal fav)
    Good luck!

    • Jazmyn

      Can you name not overused alto songs that show humor and are pretty funny?? Thanks

  6. Alex B.

    A Change in the Wind from Caddie Woodlawn. I’ve outgrown it because its for a pretty young girl, but it’s dynamite and very under used.

  7. Sophie Wolf

    Some of these songs are great for audition rep, like Screw Loose, which is a phenomenal comedic song but a lot of these are way overdone. Not for the Life of Me, Astonishing, and The Impossible Dream are songs that shouldn’t be in anyone’s repertoire. There are also a few others on this list that could be axed too like Some People, Till There Was You, and even Happiness. They’re all overdone. Overall, there is a good handful of songs on here.

  8. WaterMELon

    My new philosophy charlie brown. I really did not know much about the show,and I thought Sally (the one who sings my new philosophy) was the star (even though it is lucy) for the girl lead. They saw I could remember a song and preform it well and I got lucy! I am now so happy. I’m glad I did not get sally. I’m not saying sally is not a good part. I’m just saying lucy is better.

  9. Josh

    I’m auditioning for our school choir tomorrow with “Holding out for a hero” in F#m. I’ve also auditioned with “Chandelier” before, that audition went very well.

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  11. Emma

    Still hurting from the last 5 years is a good one

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  13. Either the lamest place in the world or what it means to be a friend from 13, breathe from in the heights or my personal favourite that is good because it’s not particularly well known lifeboat from heathers

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