10 Telltale Signs You Might Be an Orch Dork

A few weeks ago, we filled you in with ten signs you might be a Band Geek … but as we all know, musicians come in many breeds. One of these breeds, most easily spotted by the “Yo-Yo Ma Rocks!” t-shirt, is what we lovingly refer to here as the “Orch Dork.” Of course, there are many other signs that you might be an orch dork, and we’ve put together a list of ten of them – you know, to aid in your identification skills. Read on for our “Top 10 Signs You Might be an Orch Dork” and enter to win your very own Musicnotes-exclusive “Orch Dork” T-Shirt (P.S. we also have coffee mugs).

Sign #10

Baroque comes before Classical, and not just because you’re alphabetizing.

Sign #9

… and you’re considering using it for your license plate.

Sign #8

Or, you shared this post with all your friends.

Sign #7


Sign #6

People put on protective goggles when you turn on music.

Sign #5

Black is the new black, and will never be replaced.

Sign #4

You also have your own version of “who’s on first.”

Sign #3

Straighten up and play right.

Sign #2

Your parents think you may have a substance abuse problem.

Sign #1

You laughed ten times while reading this list.


Did you agree with the items on our list? Any in particular stand out to you? What would YOU add and why? Leave a comment detailing your proudest orch dork moment in the comments section below, and one participant will be randomly chosen to win a FREE Orch Dork t-shirt courtesy of your fellow geeks at Musicnotes.

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  1. Alison Field

    I just moved to a new school with a very small, developing orchestra, and I proudly convinced them that we should find “orchadork” t-shirts to wear for our upcoming competitions.

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