10 Signs You Might Be a Choir Nerd

10 Telltale Signs You Might Be a Choir Nerd

So you’ve failed the tests of signs you might be a Band Geek or an Orch Dork … but just because you spend all your time in the music room doesn’t mean you can’t put a label on yourself. If your practice time is spent with nothing but you, your friends, and a bunch of vocal cord stretching exercises … you just might be a Choir Nerd. But find out for yourself with our handy set of tests. Read on for our “Top 10 Signs You Might be a Choir Nerd” and enter to win your very own Musicnotes-exclusive “Choir Nerd” T-Shirt (P.S. we also have coffee mugs).

Sign #10

… and ask if they can transpose the backing track down a step.

Sign #9

You also know all the words to “The Alto’s Lament.”

Sign #8

But you do wish sometime they’d let you take lead.

Sign #7

(And we really hope it features our Choir Nerd shirt).

Sign #6

You’ve said on many occasions, “Yeah it’s good, but have you heard the Pentatonix cover?”

Sign #5

Simon Cowell has nothing on you.

Sign #4

Because if not, why even bother breathing?

Sign #3

You’d make beautiful 2-part harmonies (if you know what I mean).

Sign #2

Definitely can’t gum up those vocal cords.

Sign #1

And you can’t wait to do it all over again.


Did you agree with the items on our list? Any in particular stand out to you? What would YOU add and why? Leave a comment detailing your proudest choir nerd moment in the comments section below, and one participant will be randomly chosen to win a FREE Choir Nerd t-shirt courtesy of your fellow geeks at Musicnotes.

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  1. Annie Humpherys

    My proudest choir nerd moment was going to the National ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) Conference in Salt Lake City last month, and geeking out at all the free music I was able to get at the conference :) I am a college student majoring in Choral Music Education, and so getting free choral music was super exciting!! After I got back from the conference, I stacked up all my music, and it was a solid six inches tall! I was extremely happy :)

    • Retired choral teacher with music to give away. Some of everything, some outdated but still good music. If interested contact scribe312@yahoo.com. Good luck in your studies.

  2. Proudest choir nerd moment: singing in several different languages with correct pronunciation. Because let’s face it, contest pieces are never in English!

  3. Heather Hunt

    The numbers 1, 121, 12321, 1234321 etc. have actual meaning to you and you immediately launch into an argument about 8, 878, 87678 etc. being the best part.

  4. Joanie

    You might be a choir nerd if you can break into a song any time you have a request from somebody to sing. True story for me! Lol

  5. I was at the ACDA Conference in Salt Lake City last month too… and felt right at home trying out all the awesome choral lit at the different vendor booths! Felt right at home!!

  6. Ian Warren

    I strictly follow the no dairy rule and always harmonize with the radio, even in public places! If that isn’t a choir nerd, I don’t know what is.

  7. Erica

    My choir nerd moment is sitting with my fellow choir nerds and singing Carol of the Bells…and then swapping parts. As we all know, real choir nerds can sing all of the parts to Carol of the Bells.

  8. David

    Your friends understand that at any moment something they say may remind you of a musical, and they fully expect that you will break out into that song

    The truer friends will sing along with you… in harmony!

    • InspireInvisibles

      Me and my friend were walking down the halls and he was talking to me about how he needed to talk to his teacher, and he stopped in front of the door, sighed, cracked his neck and said “Let’s get down to business.” And I immediately started in with “TO DEFEAT THE HUNS!” And he sand the other part, but in the word No instead which was kind of weird haha

    • ^THIS!!! Seriously, random things remind me of songs AT LEAST a good five times a day without breaking a sweat! I ALWAYS have a so g stuck in my head… And when my sister is in the car with me, we sing three part harmony with the radio… :D

  9. Christian Lozano

    How whenever an old show choir theme comes on,i automatically start singing the bass harmony and begin doing choreography for a moment.

    • Max

      Because everyone knows that basses are the most essential part of any choir.

  10. You know you are a choir nerd when you can sing all four parts of a song.

  11. Traveling all over Europe with 99 of your favorite Harmonizing friends, performing concerts at cathedrals everyday is my idea of an ideal vacation!

  12. Caitlynn Bohanon

    I COMPLETELY agree with #5, #6, and #8! I have seen every Sam Smith acoustic and every Pentatonix video on YouTube!

  13. Kim Dunninger

    1.My family will always wait to see my reaction to any singing show contestant before they speak

  14. Amelia

    My choir nerd moment is when my husband and I (both choir nerds) ends up harmonizing the National Anthem at pro sports games.

  15. Julia Kaeding

    My favorite moments in my school’s Treble Choir are when we all randomly starting singing songs from a few years ago and can not mus any notes! And when we listen to songs on YouTube and harmonize together! I’ve made my best friends in choir!

  16. jennifer hill

    I would add that A choir nerd would solfege hand sign anything just for fun!

  17. Abigail Burnett

    My proudest choir nerd moment was when I had to explain to someone what E=Fb (that’s E=F flat for those of you playing along at home) was. And my choral director was a little ways behind, head down, laughing into his hand like there was no tomorrow.

  18. Bob Hekel

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 2 ARE ME!!!! I’ve been in choirs all my life, was the Choir President in high school and now am a choir teacher! My proudest choir nerd moment was when I took a choir on tour to Italy and we recieved standing ovations from Italian audiences.

  19. Debbie Talley

    You might be a choir nerd if you can recognize Emily Crocker from the sketch of her on the front of your music.

  20. When I entered college at New Mexico State University with every intention of being a band director til I found the “glory of the Mozart Requiem” and Pallestrina!!! There was no turning back at that point!!!

  21. Vee

    You might be a choir nerd if
    – You take pride in perfecting the art of standing up and sitting down and opening you music binder in the most efficient, quiet, and uniform manner with your choir buddies, or
    – You have heated debate about the best why to pronounce and sing through languages you would’ve never spoken had you never been in a choir, or
    – Heel height, shoe color, the use of heavy perfumes, or how to wear a scarf become hour long conversations, or
    – You find ways to always carry a pencil with you (be it you bag, your pockets, your ears, or even your hair), or
    – Your music is full interesting notes like, “look up”, “bounce not fall”, “grin”, or “think cherubin”, or
    – You’re excellent at producing rasberry sounds in a wide variery of pitches, or
    – When to breathe becomes a constant obsession.

  22. Abby Stampfly

    My proudest choir nerd moment is when I was at band festival and someone picked up Seal Lullaby and asked, “Who is Eric Whitacre?” I proceeded to fill them in for 20 minutes :)

  23. I was the President of my choir in high school. Queen of the choir nerds! And proud of it.

  24. Gaby Liles

    My proudest choir nerd moment was probably when my husband (an actor) asked me to be his vocal coach so he could audition/improve his audition pieces for musicals.

  25. Paul

    I always drink milk before singing

  26. Cecilia Long

    Spending time perfecting a version of Baby Got Back in Gregorian Chant. Yep-total nerd of epic proportions

  27. Jenn Thomas

    My proudest choir nerd moment is that 15 years after high school ended these are the women I am still in touch with. We supported each other, even through solo auditions and school music call backs, and became the women we wanted to be in that choir room.

  28. Maureen Mezzo

    I still laugh at myself, remembering the time my voice teacher was helping me with a particularly tricky passage in a G&S finale (alto part). I was listening to the recording in my car on the way home and realized I was *harmonizing* with the harmony part I was supposed to be learning!

  29. You know you are a choir nerd when you can change clothes on a bus full of both girls and guys without ever exposing anything :)

  30. Emily K

    Proudest choir moment: Directing small-town choir kids at a college-hosted festival!

  31. Janet E. Boyd

    My proudest choir nerd moment is, when I was 14 years old, I was in a youth choir at my church and we were being conducted and directed by Ben Hepner in Montreal. It was before he became famous. When I hear him on the radio I get so proud of being in a choir that was conducted by him.

  32. dsrtrosy

    Choir or musical theatre. These could go either way. The breathing one made me guffaw. Scared my dog.

  33. Lara

    My favorite choir nerd moment was when I didn’t have room in my schedule to take choir my freshman year of college but the whole chorus including the director knew who I was anyway because I would just show up and sing with them.

  34. Lol. There is no such thing as not breathing from your diaphragm, that is just how we stay alive. We just know how to use it to sing.

  35. Amanda

    Dairy has no effect on your vocal folds. It’s a myth.

  36. Emily

    Everything about this article makes it painfully obvious that whoever wrote it has no idea what they’re talking about. Also, you can’t breathe from your diaphragm. It’s an involuntary muscle. *sigh*

    • You would be surprised at how many “professional” voice teachers use this in their dogmas. Stop focusing on breathing, we have been doing it our whole lives.

  37. Katie

    Eric Whittaker conducted our choir doing Leonardo in college. It was life changing. No joke.

  38. The a cappella versions are ALWAYS better than the original, especially if it’s Barbershop (like in the picture for that one).
    When anyone says something that accidentally quotes a song and your friends tell you to stop before you even start to break into song.
    Proudest choir nerd moment? Hmmm…singing in a choir at the last Inauguration? Singing in Melk Abbey last December (and crying because it was so beautiful)? My whole life is a choir nerd moment…

  39. Rebecca

    You argue about your dream cast for musicals and or operas. May result in fist fights over who should play Marius in Les Mis.

  40. Katelyn

    (Haha) Proudest choir moment- I went through about 12 songs until I found one that my voice fit perfectly, and let me just say, I have Eye of the Tiger DOWN.

    • Katelyn

      Or the fact that I literally turn everything anyone says into a song, and whenever some one says something that even remotely sounds like a song, I will start singing.

  41. Knowing that Sopranos are supioior then all the other ranges cause we rule the choir… choir Nerd for 19 years and still going strong

    • Max

      Who’s surprised that a soprano doesn’t know how to spell “superior?”

  42. Lesley Kentaft

    I have many self-admitted choir nerds at school…in fact, I tagged a bunch of my graduated ones on facebook for this. Lol!!

  43. Alexandra M.

    My proudest choir nerd moment was probably singing at the Candelight Processional at Epcot for my 4 years in high school and every single year, listening to the Voices of Liberty and thinking “Wow, they’d sound so much better if they had better breath support, better vowels, and didn’t scoop to every note.”

  44. Beth McElroy

    First of all, Eric Whitacre is life. Seal Lullaby gives me goosebumps every time. Second of all, choir moment’s gotta be that day in theory that everyone else (band/orch) had to figure out what the hell sol fedge was. As the only choir kid, I owned that mess.

  45. Di

    Me, a choir nerd??? I’ve booked on a trip where you walk part of the Camino trail in Spain and do gospel singing in the evenings. Can’t wait!

  46. Nika Worth

    Proudest choir nerd moment was when I stopped drinking caffeine a three weeksbefore an audition cuz I didn’t want to dry myself out… I could barely stay awake for it.

  47. Joan

    A favorite choir nerd moment was sitting in the back of the band bus with other choir members (there were only a few of us in both), singing our horn parts. Other favorites: singing at the ACDA Convention in Williamsburg, VA, while in college; performing “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed” with Robert Shaw, again in college; singing in the All-Kettering 5th & 6th Grade Chorus (and being one of only 3 members also in the Band and the Orchestra – lots of running around in the dark between numbers during the performance).
    Proudest choir nerd moment as a singer: being selected as the Soprano soloist at a regional choral festival in high school; as a director: any time my students have an “aha” moment and start enjoying what they are learning.

  48. Susan Mattoon

    You may be a music nerd when you re-write pop songs to use as vocal warm-ups for your students so they will actually enjoy warming up! Also, I live for harmonizing to songs in the car!!!

  49. Teresa

    You go to a concert or recital given by a famous singer, who in a lighter moment, urges the audience to please “sing along”. And you do. In Italian. And in harmony. Which causes everyone in the row to turn and look at you because your voice also carries having been taught how to “project”.

  50. Ramon Herrera Jr.

    My best choir nerd moment was the week our Glee club and Chorale competed at the Tumon Bay Music Festival in Guam. What we ate was always regulated: no cold drinks, no dairy. We even started calling the diet after our Glee director. I miss my high school days so much…

  51. Chewbacca

    Proudest choir nerd moment has got to be when two pencils fell out of my hair in class and the only explanation I could come up with on the spot was “…Sing?” (I’m also quite the introvert if you couldn’t tell).

  52. Singing with the wonderful Central Coast Chorale whilst being part of producing one of our many CDs.

  53. Peggy Leach

    We choir nerds make a dreadful face when contestants on the TV competitions are out of tune in the least little bit

    • Max

      My parents are always telling me to stop commenting on every little imperfection when we watch “The Voice”

  54. Max

    When your friend who can’t sing to save her life is still a better singer than Jacob Sartorius.

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  56. Anna Taylor

    My proudest moment was ending an All State performance with our entire choir (and audience) so moved we all left the stage in tears. Such a powerful performance. Side note: that was definitely a perfect score year. Miss those choir days!

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